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Nov 22, 2006 01:46 AM

Coffee Cake in NYC?

Looking for the best coffee cake in NYC. I prefer sour cream coffee cake with brown sugar streusel topping, over cakes with crumb toppings (too floury), but am open to hearing the best of any type.

The best I know -- which is good, but not perfect -- is Two Little Red Hens' Pecan Crunch. Others?

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  1. Cupcake Café (aka Casa) on 40th/9th has a fantastic blueberry coffee cake that is served in mammoth portions.



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    1. re: Nosher

      Seconded! Their apple and plain variations are equally noteworthy. (They also have that Books of Wonder location on 18th bet. 5th and 6th.) I also like the blueberry coffeecake at Amy's Bread, and the streusel coffeecake at Little Pie Company. Chicory in Cobble Hill/Carroll Grdns used to carry a moist and delicious bundt cake, but I don't know that they still have it...

      1. re: sadie

        I can hear my kids saying, "oh mom...) but I have to say it. this type of coffee cake is dead easy to make. Not one of those tricky recipes, esp if you have some kind of mixer.

    2. Thanks! I was beginning to think I was the only NYer who likes coffee cake.

      The problem with making it yourself (which I've done) is that you then have a whole cake. Which my doctor recommends against. And in any event, I like trying others' variations on the basic theme.