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Nov 22, 2006 01:42 AM

winchester on the map

Just got back from opening night at It Rains Fishes in Winchester. Wow!! They have a whole new menu - Thai, Japanese and Korean. Don't forget the sushi and the wonderful bar- all adding to a special evening.

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  1. We use to be regulars for both take out and dine in. Nice to hear a Wow!! I am looking foward to trying it. It is a nice space, and a great option for downtown Winchester. We have been getting takeout from Tom Yun Koon in Medford. It has been excellent Now that we have two options, I'm not sure what our choice will be.

    It Rains Fishes was always a kid friendly place. i'm not sure if it still is. We will have to try again. Thanks for your report.

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    1. re: b2006

      What do you like at Tom Yun Koon? I tried it once when they first opened and wasn't impressed. It's so close to me that I'd love to be a fan. Give me some highlights and I'll try again.

    2. our go-to local thai place has always been sweet chili in arlington, so i'll be interested to try rains fishes, since it's right here in our 'excellent restaurant' -challenged town...

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        Hey OC, have you tried Thai Moon in Arlington Center? We used to be regulars at sweet chili but switched over.

        1. re: Sal Monella

          Count me as another former Arlington (NOT Cambridge!) Sweet Chili regular who is now devoted to Thai Moon -- especially for their unique crab rangoons and the consistently warm and friendly service! I always wonder why it isn't more crowded when I dine in there...

          1. re: rlh

            Yes, us too. We went to Sweet Chili for years but I think Thai Moon has a more varied menu and more interesting flavors.

      2. o.k. we'll try it again but the one time we did, i liked the crab rangoon but didn't have anyth else better than at sweet chili (where we are hooked on the thai bail beef udon) there's no udon at thai moon. what are both of your standard orders?

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            Second the Duck Curry -- any ("pet pet, please") curry there, actually, as well as the Diamond Mine (spicy scallops), Drunken Noodles, and Khee Mao.

            I don't love the Pad Thai there.

            All of the soups are also really good, as is the Beef Satay, but it's really the Rangoons that keep me going back.

            I'll have to try the udon at Sweet Chili -- never noticed it on the menu at either place, but it sounds good.

          2. Second trip to the all new "It Rains Fishes" in Winchester.All seven people enjoyed their dinners which included both Thai and Korean choices.The service was perfect- tea cups barely had an opportunity to be empty. Each dish was beautifully presented and accompanied by just the right sauce. I believe we have a winner .

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            1. re: carolinekrantz

              Wow...don't know if you saw my post from last night, but my experience could not have been more different. When we arrived the place was less than half full and the kitchen was clearly "in the weeds" as we waited over 20 minutes after finishing our apps to have our entrees. The family next to us waited 75 minutes for ANY food.