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Persimmons in a salad... Do they need to be peeled

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I bought some Fuyu persimmons to put in a spinach salad. Should I peel them or can I put them in the salad with the skins on?

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  1. you don't eat the skins, ever

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Thanks! Should I peel them like a tomato?

      2. I disagree. I like the crispness. I have never peeled a Fuyu persimmon. They are more attractive too.

        Here's my favorite recipe for a persimmon salad from Tante Marie's which does not say to peel.

        1. I never peel them. But I don't peel apples either for a salad.

            1. BTW, Ive been serving them unpeeledin salads for 15 years and have never had one complaint. So, not sure what the first 2 posters were talking about. I suspect they also NEVER serve pear, apple, eggplant or delicatta squash skins!!! Too bad.

              1. it depends on your persimmon...a ripe (should be firm) fuyu persimmon doesn't need to be peeled but i've found that if you can get your hands on a barely soft hiyukame persimmon (also called a chocolate persimmon) the skin is way too tough and diminshes the experience of the tender flesh

                1. I would say that both types should be peeled. I find the skin to be tough and bitter.

                  1. If you're using Fuyus, I think it's up to personal taste. Other varieties of persimmons that are extremely tannic before they're ripe can cause undigestible masses in the stomache called bezoars. The tannins bond with proteins to make a super material that stomache acid can't touch. I imagine the skins of these other varieties still have a fair amount of those tannins even when ripe, so I'd peel them for sure.