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Nov 22, 2006 01:14 AM

Great Eats North Conway, NH/White Mts. Area

Folks -

My wife and I are heading up to the N. Conway area for 4 nights - Any recommendations are appreciated - We are really easy for lunch but pretty picky about dinner - it doesn't have to be glitzy, just good! I figure since we are there for 4 nights we can probably do just about anything from pizza to gourmet...Thanks in advance...


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  1. There used to be a place called Gunther's,right next to the "Picadillay Gift Shop" on the Main drag that was great for breakfast.
    It's an upstairs place.
    Buffalo sausage,venison suasage,and a wide variety of "different" breakfast combinations.
    We just heard that the name of the place was changed.
    Check with Picadilly.
    There was also a place called Bernerhoff that had the best German Schnitzel we've had in a long time there also.
    We ate there this summer and the eating was great!
    Let me know how you make out!

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    1. re: catnip

      Thanks - We'll let you know how we make out...

    2. Here are some good places:

      Wildcat Inn and Tavern (Jackson loop)
      New England Inn / Tuckerman's Tavern (Intervale loop)
      Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery

      Of course, part of the fun of being a Chowhound is finding your own special place. I always try to discover a new place each time I visit the Mt. Washington Valley...!

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        Much appreciated - with 4 nights we might just be able to discover something to share...Thanks again...

      2. Notchland Inn has a wonderful 5 course gourmet dinner at a bargain price of $40. The place is romantic and unpretentious. It's about 20 minutes from North Conway.

        1. My friends and I used to love to go to Bellini's in North Conway. It was in a really cool old house and family run. Wonderful chicken marsala, fried calamari with banana peppers and b52 martinis in chocolate rimmed frozen glasses. I have not been in a really long time and have heard that it moved locations so it could be a crap shoot.

          1. for casual Red Parka Pub-Glen, great burgers, steak tips, entertainment at 8. I also love the bar pizza at the Shannon Door-Jackson, washed down with a Guinness.
            Bellinis just isn't the same since it moved to a strip mall-very disappointed.