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Great Eats North Conway, NH/White Mts. Area

Folks -

My wife and I are heading up to the N. Conway area for 4 nights - Any recommendations are appreciated - We are really easy for lunch but pretty picky about dinner - it doesn't have to be glitzy, just good! I figure since we are there for 4 nights we can probably do just about anything from pizza to gourmet...Thanks in advance...


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  1. There used to be a place called Gunther's,right next to the "Picadillay Gift Shop" on the Main drag that was great for breakfast.
    It's an upstairs place.
    Buffalo sausage,venison suasage,and a wide variety of "different" breakfast combinations.
    We just heard that the name of the place was changed.
    Check with Picadilly.
    There was also a place called Bernerhoff that had the best German Schnitzel we've had in a long time there also.
    We ate there this summer and the eating was great!
    Let me know how you make out!

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      Thanks - We'll let you know how we make out...

    2. Here are some good places:

      Wildcat Inn and Tavern (Jackson loop)
      New England Inn / Tuckerman's Tavern (Intervale loop)
      Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery

      Of course, part of the fun of being a Chowhound is finding your own special place. I always try to discover a new place each time I visit the Mt. Washington Valley...!

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        Much appreciated - with 4 nights we might just be able to discover something to share...Thanks again...

      2. Notchland Inn has a wonderful 5 course gourmet dinner at a bargain price of $40. The place is romantic and unpretentious. It's about 20 minutes from North Conway. http://www.notchland.com/home.html

        1. My friends and I used to love to go to Bellini's in North Conway. It was in a really cool old house and family run. Wonderful chicken marsala, fried calamari with banana peppers and b52 martinis in chocolate rimmed frozen glasses. I have not been in a really long time and have heard that it moved locations so it could be a crap shoot.

          1. for casual Red Parka Pub-Glen, great burgers, steak tips, entertainment at 8. I also love the bar pizza at the Shannon Door-Jackson, washed down with a Guinness.
            Bellinis just isn't the same since it moved to a strip mall-very disappointed.

            1. Somewhat off the beaten path but really good (in the past six times we've dined there) and romantic is the dining room at Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. We stay there often because it's the most affordable golf-and-ski-and-stay place in the White Mountains and the food is quite good. New England fare, some wild game, good stuff. Stop by the bar before or after...really nice bartenders, too.

              1. Gunther's is closed. Lots of tourists seem to like Peach's.

                Jonathon's in Conway is good for very solid, very basic seafood - fried & steamed. Stay away from the broiled entrees, if you like your taste buds.

                Coyote Rose is excellent for a more special meal - a tex/mex/New England fusion menu that deals very well with game and fish.

                May Kelly's is great for a steak or a burger.

                Wildcat Tavern is also excellent.

                The Red Parker Pub is great for a burger and the bar - which is very comfortable.

                The Moat's beers are great, but I dislike their food.

                Bellini's is terrible, but people seem to like it. The owners throw pots and pans at their staff, so I've never been one to patronize it.

                Maestro's atmosphere is lacking, its wait staff is surly, but its execution of Italian food is top notch. Probably a better bet around lunchtime.

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                  I had forgot May Kelly's and agree that it is a great place with an extensive menu. I went last winter and don't recall what i had but we were a large group and everyone was quite pleased, food beer atmosphere and price wise.

                2. The Red Parka Pub and the Eagle Mountain House have never dissapointed me.

                  For something completly different..... Turn right in Glen, Travel up through Pinkham Notch to the Appalachian Mountain Club's base camp. Dinner at 6 PM sharp every nite. Family style, it is what it is. Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the eclectic company and mountain fare.

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                    We took friends to the "new" Bellini's and were severely disappointed by the service and food.

                    We also used to love Wildcat, but we went recently to find a 1 page printed-daily menu. You may think this is a good thing, but while I was outside telephoning another restaurant to check on the wait, the rest of our group walked out. They didn't find anything to eat either. In older times my wife always ordered "The Extravaganza." I like almost anything salmon. Neither was available.

                    Are any of the recent Wildcat reporters reporting since the change of owners?


                  2. Wow - Thanks everyone for the great info - Lots to digest, so to speak...Let you know what we do and how it all turns out when we get back...Thanks again and everyone have a great holiday!

                    1. After reading this thread we ate at Moat Mountain on our way up north to the mountains. I must admit I was impressed with the food. I had the crab cakes and the crab bisque. Both were spicy in very different ways with the crab bisque having a wonderful curry base and the crab cakes came with a sweet chili glaze with Thai flavoring.

                      On the down side was an absolutely horrible meal at Merlino's Steak House sadly we had planned to go to the Bernerhoff that night but the kids where much too tired to be good so the “family restaurant” caused this to be our destination. We were seated on the second floor and It was packed with kids and families. I just felt sorry for the couples that were up there with all that noise. Everything took forever to get to the table the service was horrible. But the bottom line is when I pay $30 for a 9 ounce filet minion in a place claiming to be a steak house and ask for it medium rare I get pissed when it shows up well done. After waiting so long for our food I just wanted to take my kids and get out so I didn’t send it back like I normally would have. But I will also not be eating there again.