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Nov 22, 2006 01:12 AM

Where can I buy Wild rice??

I've looked in a few places, and I can only find these teeny tiny bags for $5.

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  1. Wild Rice which isn't really rice is on the expensive side. Don't know if you have access to Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods Market, but higher end grocery stores will stock it.

    1. If you want to order online, Wilderness Family Naturals has very good wild rice.

      1. Oh, I forgot to say that I am in Manhattan--and I still can't find wild rice?? I went to Whole Foods tonight, but there were 5000 people there, so I will have to go back at a less busy time. I need it for TG, so I will have to get it tomorrow. Thanks.

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          WF has wild rice, and it should be with the traditional rices. If you can find someone who works there amidst all the crowds maybe they can direct you, as some things may have been moved around for the holiday rush.

        2. Wild rice is often available in bulk if you have access to
          a store with a respectable variety of bulk products.

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          1. re: taco_belle

            I second this suggestion. I head to a natural food store with bulk bins and almost always find it.

            1. re: taco_belle

              Best not to buy it in bulk, as it is probably an Asian import or cultivated U.S. variety. True wild rice is grown in Canada, and would say "Product of Canada" or "Canadian Lake Rice" on the package.

              1. re: FlavoursGal

                It's also grown in the upper Midwest in the U.S. (most notably, Minnesota.) In Minnesota, unless it's 100 percent naturally-grown and hand-harvested lake and river wild rice, it must say "paddy rice" somewhere on the label.

                Another way to know if you're getting the hand-harvested, lake and river grown stuff, rather than the cultivated stuff, is the price premium you pay for the hand-harvested rice. Cultivated wild rice is very inexpensive, relatively speaking.

                There's a big push by Native Americans in Minnesota for a national labeling law in the U.S., but, they've not succeeded yet. They are also trying to protect wild rice, which is not rice, but a grass, from genetic engineering.


              2. re: taco_belle

                You'll likely get cultivated "wild" rice from the U.S. or Asia if you buy in bulk. Most true wild rice comes from the Canadian prairies (and will be marked "Product of Canada" or "Canadian Lake Rice" on the sealed package), or from northern Minnesota.

                1. re: FlavoursGal

                  There is no flavor difference between cultivated and "true" wild rice.

                  1. re: elegraph

                    There is a huge texture difference, howwver.

                    1. re: elegraph

                      Personally, I think the water the rice grown in does make a difference, but, really, the major difference between commercially cultivated wild rice and the truly wild rice from MN is the hand-harvesting (beating the rice off the grass with a stick) and the hand-parching over a wood fire that makes the difference in texture and flavor.


                2. Trader joes has a GREAT Vacumm Sealed Cooked Wild Rice product. It's just at the texture (VERY al dente) where you can add it to foods and it retains its texture through another cooking (meaning it does split or turn mushy)...