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Nov 22, 2006 01:01 AM

New Years Eve in Denver

Hello! My friends and I are going to be in Denver for NYE and I'm looking for a fun place to have dinner and start the night. No requirements, just looking for good food and fun. The group is 26-30 years old, four guys and two girls.


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  1. Are you thinking downtown? Not sure what the availabilty is, or if any of these places are doing special menus that night, but a few suggestions for fun places with good food in the downtown/central denver area:

    Vesta Grill
    Tamayo and Zengo
    Red Sqare Bistro
    Cafe Star

    Deluxe, Mezcal and Tula would be my other choices but I don't think they have web sites.

    There are also several steak places downtwon from mid priced to high end. There are also a couple of good seafood places.

    If you had an idea of location, price, or type of food that might help narrow it down. If you are going to stay downtown for the night I would probably go with Vesta or Tamayo.