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Nov 22, 2006 12:04 AM

Any recommendations for a good quick lunch in Roseburg OR?

I have to travel to Roseburg for a mid-morning meeting next week. Are there any good spots for a quick lunch there before I head to Eugene for a mid-afternoon meeting? If not, I'll head to Eugene for lunch, but my preference is to eat in Roseburg.

I like just about anything food-wise.

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  1. You'll have to love anything if you want to eat in Roseburg. The best i've found (wich isnt saying much) is a mexican place down town. I can't remember the name but I'd love to hear if anyone has had better luck.

    1. There is brew pub downtown (is it McMennanins?) where you can get a good burger. Jane

      1. Charlie's BBQ on Harvard west of I-5 a couple of blocks.
        They try hard.
        Tolly's in Oakland; old soda fountain and more.
        White Horse Coffee in Sutherlin, coffee and food; 6:00 -3:00

        1. OToole's on Jackson St near the court house is an awesome place to eat...good food and atmosphere and friendly service.