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Nov 21, 2006 11:45 PM

Bonaventure Brewing Company

Can anyone comment on their experience with the food there? T

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  1. I ate here about a year ago. Can't even remember what I had, but I know it wasn't anything to dream about.

    1. Avoid, unless you REALLY want to sit outside and enjoy the patio view of the downtown skyline.

      Food borders on what Denny's can provide down the street. Service is personable enough, but can oftentimes drift into the lackadaisical category.

      If you have to go, stick with one of the burger options.

      1. I'd go to the rotating lounge above for drinks and a view. :)

        1. I disagree with "avoid", but don't expect fine dining. Burgers are good, and I recall enjoying a blackened ahi tuna sandwich (a bit dry, but still good). They have a great happy hour with fantastic food deals. I also recommend the strawberry blonde beer!

          1. Happy hour isn't bad there but burgers are definitely dried out by that point. Their surf and turk is decent. Pastas are okay. They used to have the best key lime cheesecake but they haven't had it in ages. I think drinks are best there.

            If you're in the area, I'd recommend Engine Company #28 down on Fig for a better meal.