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Nov 21, 2006 11:15 PM

looking for breakfast thanksgiving morning

I would like to find a buffet on thanksgiving morning in baltimore/ wash area. If not, then just a good place for breakfast in baltimore area. thanks

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  1. I can't imagine much will be open. How about the hotels? I have enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Windows in the Renaissance Hotel in the Inner Harbot- ask for a table by the window for the view.

    1. I dont know if they are open the day after Thanksgiving but Harvest Table in Locust point is a really amazing Casual breakfast with an outstanding brunch on the weekends.

      Mt Washington Tavern has a nice Brunch, as does Blue Moon on Aliceanna.

      1. I think you are looking for something for tomorrow morning (Thursday). I am not sure that restaurants that usually do a weekend brunch would be open on Thanksgiving morning, as many of them will probably be opening at noon to serve Thanksgiving dinners. One option you may want to consider was gifted by a little WAMU radio spot on my drive home, where they interviewed the owner of several Chinese restaurants who said that Thanksgiving is a very big day for them because Chinese like to come in for a little dim sum and perhaps take a portion of roast pig home to include in their Thanksgiving dinner. Worth a call to your favorite Chinese places, anyway.