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Nov 21, 2006 11:11 PM

frozen turkey- can it be brined?

So my frozen turkey is thawing; can I brine it now or is it too late? Will be cooking it on the barbeque grill.

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  1. The point of brining the bird, is so that it absorbs into the meat. Brining a frozen bird will get you nowhere. Once thawed, it is fine to brine the bird for 4-6 hours.

    1. Plus the salt in the brine will hinder the defrosting of the bird.


        check this post for brining frozen turkeys. I've had a lot of success. The key is allowing enough time and cutting the salt a bit as you'll have more time in contact with the brine.

        remember water will transfer heat much quicker so you can rapidly thaw (1 to 2 days) a frozen turkey in a brine instead of 3-4 days in the fridge.

        A lot of people are worried about experimenting with sacred Thanksgiving turkey. This time of year you can usually pick up a free frozen one if you watch your store specials... Just throw it in your freezer and pull it out in Feb. and experiment away with out the stress of ruining a thanksgiving bird.

        lots of luck

        1. Thanks to you all for your advice and tips. I actually had two frozen turkeys, one that I thawed and cooked today (without brining) and one for Thanksgiving day that I thawed and am brining. Will fix that one tomorrow. With two turkeys in two days, I will get to compare the brine vs. non-brined turkeys. And I am using cherry wood chips along with the charcoal for extra flavor for both turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving, fellow hounds!