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Nov 21, 2006 10:56 PM

Seeking Bakery Near Union Sq.

My husband and I will be in NYC for 3 days celebrating his birthday. We will be staying near Union Sq. and I would like to go to a local bakery to have a birthday cake made for him. Any suggestions? (A search online suggested Tonnie's Minis.) Thank you.

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  1. The City Bakery is on 18th, I believe, about a 5 minute walk from Union Square. They make extremely rich chocolate chip cookies and a hot chocolate that's more like a thick soup. Don't know whether they do cakes, but you might want to pay a visit.

    1. Right across from City Bakery there is a Cupcake Cafe. They make beautiful cakes with very rich buttercream. It's definitely worth stopping in.

      1. Not too far from Union Square is Black Hound, where they have the most rich and delicious cakes ever. They're not the conventional yellow-cake-type - they're denser and are things like hazelnut cake with mocha buttercream, etc. But we've gotten them for many birthdays.

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          Second Black Hound! We've gotten them for several birthdays and haven't been disappointed.

          They also make mini cakes. You may want to consider two of those as opposed to one full sized cake if it's just the two of you.

          Cupcake Cafe is the other option I would go with.

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            Thank you for this suggestion! The cake was perfect!

          2. I was going to say Black hound too. It has beautiful cakes and even has samples sometimes ;) you can also try veniero's for italian pastries. it's on 1st ave and 12th street but worth the 10 minute walk. if you want to do a sit down dessert for his birthday, i highly recoommend checking out Max Brenner Chocolate right across from the movie theatre b/w 13th & Union Square south.

            1. If you want to have sophisticated chocolate fare I would suggest going to Michel Cluizel in the ABC Carpet & Home, located at Broadway & 19th St. It has a full stock bar and a great chocolate cake, as well as other snacks when you sit down.