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Nov 21, 2006 10:48 PM

wine with an apple tart?

I'm looking for a wine to drink with an apple tart (puff pastry based). Does not have to be dessert wine, but I like those so those are welcome suggestions too.

I'm looking in the 10-20 range; or bo brand if you can just name a blend or varietal.


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  1. Apple wines and ciders, especially off-dry to sweet ones, can make a fine match. To really ramp it up, look for an ice cider; Neige (from La face cachée de la pomme) and Pinnacle are two of the better brands.

    Apple tarts are pretty dessert-wine friendly. Many late-harvest rieslings from California, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Australia are suitable, affordable and delicious. Sweet whites from the Loire (Coteaux du Layon, for example) and the Sauternes region (St-Croix du Mont, Montbazillac, Loupiac, etc.) will also work, though it may not be easy to find a good bottle within your budget. Jurançon, Gaillac and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh make similar, often more affordable sweet wines.

    Hungarian Tokay can be wonderful with apple desserts. I've been impressed by some the Royal Tokaji Company's efforts lately.

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      Oh, I've always wanted to try Hungarian Tokay, maybe I have an excuse now.

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        Or a Ruster Ausbruch, from just across the border. Made in the same way as Tokaji, but oftentimes a bit less painful on the pocketbook. Pretty widely available. Just google "Ruster Ausbruch".

    2. Carswell is on the right track. My only hesitation would be -- how sweet is the tart? You want to achieve balance, and if the tart is very sweet, for example, you will want a wine with more acidity in order to cut through the tart's sweetness. OTOH, if the tart is quite -- well, tart -- you can work a wine that is lower in acidity.

      1. With baked apple and pear desserts, I like to go with dessert wines that have oxidized fruit. I find the nut and caramel flavors in those wines harmonized beautifully. I'd opt for something like a Rivesaltes Ambre, tawny Port, sweet Sherry, or Madeira (Malmsey or Bual).

        1. An inexpensive Sauternes-like dessert wine from Chile can be had for under $10 US. Both Carmen and Errazuriz make excellent examples from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

          1. I recently had apple pie with madeira and loved the combination.