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Nov 21, 2006 10:34 PM

Special Dinner in/around Tarrytown, NY

My wife and I will be celebrating our 43rd anniversary in Tarrytown. Can anyone steer me to a restaurant in the area for a suitably romantic evening. Price not a major issue, but ethnic cuisine not preferred. Thanks.

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  1. No doubt someone will recommend Blue Hill at Stone Barns, quite close to Tarrytown. I tend to think it's somewhat over-rated (though very good) and *very* expensive.

    If you're willing to drive across the bridge, I'd recommend Xaviars in Piermont only a couple miles away; Peter Kelly's restaurants *never* disappoint, and the food and atmosphere wonderful.

    1. go to the iron horse grille in pleasantville. my favorite restaurant in westchester; delicious food, fairly romantic and you can even go see a great film at the jacob burns center after.

      1. the kittle house in chappaqua is perfect for a special occasion.

        1. equus in the castle in tarrtyown

          1. intrepid, were you happy there? I brought my husband there for a special occasion and it appeared that they measured out the wine with a tablespoon.

            I asked for more, and got it. But it's not a place I would revisit.