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Lunch/Dinner/Drinks Options around Port St. Lucie and in Ft. Laud

Hello Chowhounds

I'm visiting the 'rents in PSL and Ft Lauderdale in December and need some lunch and dinner recommendations.

Firstly, PSL: We usually dine in the general St Lucie West vicinity. Are there any new places I should be aware of? Any really great spots worth a short drive (<20 mins) to check out? Will accept multiple lunch recs! Looking for at least one fancier dinner night.

Ft. Lauderdale: I grew up here partly, but my experience was centered around Flanagan's on Cordova/SE 15th St. (Love the ribs!)Would love to treat my dad to a really nice meal--but nothing overly stuffy. (I get paid in £ so $ is not too much of an issue at the moment.) Also would like a Japanese rec. I remember there being a nice one towards the top of Las Olas, but that was ages ago. Lastly, a good place for a drink with dad after dinner. Last time around, we went to the "new" Irish bar in Beachplace and we liked that because of the live music--something similar would be fun.

Thanks so much, and I hope to return the favor someday. :)

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  1. (If you go somewhere along SE 17th for a meal, Waxy O'Connor's is a good, quality Irish pub along there for a drink. The food's good too. However, on weekend nights in particular it's packed, so keep that in mind.)

    1. I hear the Tradition area's blown up in the year since I left the Treasure Coast -- it's just down 95 from St. Lucie West. Poke around their town center and then please come back and tell us what you find!

      As for SLW, I hear there's a branch of Bistro Madeleine up there. I used to eat at the one in Palm City all the time, and it was a fantastic place for breakfast and/or lunch -- think a greasy spoon diner, but with a French accent. Forget Bennigan's, this place has the best monte cristos around. And brie on EVERYTHING! (You can't go wrong w/brie.) But right after I left, the owner went to prison (a non-food-related charge. . .) so I'm not sure if the new branch really took off. But if it's there, definitely go.

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        based on the prison reference alone, i think i'll have to try it out! watch for an update in mid-december.

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          LOL, it wasn't like that. I just mentioned it as a warning that the restaurant might not be open -- I moved away and don't know. The original location should still be fine. It's on Martin Downs Boulevard in Palm City, in a strip mall next to Walgreen's.

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            It's still there and it's still good.

      2. Fort Lauderdale:
        Mark's Las Olas is excellent, and not stuffy. Walking around Las Olas Blvd. this time of year is fun, the shops are great, pop into O'Hara's for a drink and some great jazz.
        The *BEST* sushi in Broward County is out in Plantation at Takeyama's, it is tucked in a strip mall on Broward Blvd.

        1. I haven't liked Mark's Las Olas in a long time (though Mark's in the Park isn't bad, up in Boca Raton).

          For a great meal for your dad, I'd recommend Casa d'Angelo on US-1 north of Sunrise for wonderful Italian food, or Eduardo de San Angel for excellent, upscale Mexican food. The latter is a hidden gem on Commercial Blvd east of US-1. Both are very accesible to the great Ft. Lauderdale area.

          1. In Ft Lauderdale, I love Sushi Rock (on the upper end of Las Olas around 15th) and Heart Rock (on US 1 and Sunrise). Both have incredibly fresh, wonderful sushi. Atmosphere is what you'd expect from a sushi place - beer and wine, no mixed drinks, efficient service if a bit indifferent. In the same plaza as Heart Rock is a place called Kim's Alley Bar which I'm told is a great sketchy pub to visit.

            For fanicer food, try Canyon (also on US 1 and Sunrise), Himmarshee (2nd St off Las Olas), Eduardo de San Angel, Blue Moon Fish Co. and Cafe Vico. Casa d'Angelo is VERY expensive and we were extremely disappointed when we went (although we know others who have had a great meal). We did enjoy Cucina d'Angelo in Boca Raton (about 40 min North) immensely.

            1. Dear Hubby chastised me for not mentioning Sushi Blues for Japanese. Hate to say it, but he's right! Sushi Blues is in Hollywood, about a 20 min drive from Ft Lauderdale. Worth the drive!! Fantastic sushi, innovative, high end Japanese dinners (cooked stuff) and a great blues band. My favorite sushi in S Florida. I'd make a reservation and hang out at Hollywood Vine while you wait. HV is a funky wine bar/shop down the block with a cool relaxed atmosphere. They open any bottle they sell for $5 corkage or order from their list.

              1. Seconding that emotion for Eduardo De San Angel. They always get first shot at my fine dining dollars when we are in the area. Awesome food, lovely space, excellent service.

                1. You guys are the best. Thanks for all the suggestions. Look for a report in a few weeks! (But happy to accept more recommendations in the interim!)

                  1. If you decide on casa, I'd stick with their pastas...

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                      Maybe that's why I've never been disappointed. I'm a veg, and always order pasta.

                    2. In the St. Lucie /Stuart area, for fun and seafood I recommend Conchy Joe's, 3945 NE Indian River Dr in Jensen Beach. Lots of Old Florida flavor. If you can, get a table near the water in the evening when the bridge is lit up. Great raw bar, too.

                      For seafood, I also like New England Fish Market, 1419 NE Jensen Beach Blvd also in Jensen Beach, but it gets crowded, so insist on a booth or a table in a corner. They sometimes have a "bug in a box" lobster special. They also sell fresh seafood to cook at home.

                      Pusateri's Chicago Pizza, 221 SE Ocean Blvd in Stuart, is my pizza choice. We head there whenever we can.

                      For a moderately priced dinner, we go to Delmonico Grill, 2801 SW Brighton St (I-95 Exit 118) in Port St. Lucie. Try the sweet potato fries and the Delmonico Steak Oscar. The restaurant is in the western part of St. Lucie County, near I-95 exit 118 and Tradition.

                      1. When I want to treat myself and friends to a special fine dining experience I suggest Edward's on Commercial. I still recall the wonderful soup and special ravioli.

                        1. In Jensen Beach, 11 Maple Street is the place to go for fine dining. Here's a frommer's review link: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/...
                          Across the street is Peter's Steakhouse, a place that tries to emulate Peter Luger's in Brooklyn- it has much better ambience and the steak is excellent although not as good as Luger's.

                          In Stuart, you could try Courtine's- typical fare is snapper with panko crust, rack of lamb, duckling, quail, various beef options, terrific appetizers.

                          1. One down! Took mom and friends to the New England Fish Market in Jensen Beach last night. Loved the fish dip and the crab cakes! You can read more here: http://kristainlondon.typepad.com/din...

                            Conchy Joe's is hopefully next!

                            1. Hey,
                              I found a new hot spot not only is the food amazing and the atmosphere is warm and inviting!!! they have a jazz band thats out of this world and then on friday and saturday nights they have a dj...Mizner park or Miami feel right in the middle of Boca,EVERYONE ITS A MUST GO TO!!
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