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Nov 21, 2006 10:03 PM

Visiting Vancouver area from SF: Recs for goodies to bring home with me?

Will be staying in Richmond, won't have access to a car, but hoping to bring back stuff that won't be confiscated at the airport. Please only recs for stuff I wouldn't be able to order online or buy at home. Thanks! Also, I'm more a savory snack type person than sweets, although I do love chocolate.

For instance, before the chinese "olive oil" (cantonese: gai lam yao)condiment -- for noodles, rice dishes, etc could be purchased locally here in SF, a friend brought it back for me from a trip.

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  1. The only place that I can recommend that has something unique is Marpole is in south Vancouver almost under the Granville street bridge (kind of hard to find unless you have a map and a car). They have v. good "Biltlong" if you are into jerky type of foods....make sure they slice it for you and if you are lucky they will vacuum pack as well...~$14/lb. I always bring it back to US and declare as beef jerky and so far no one questioned it. Other than that all other stores in Richmond (both asian and non-asian) have the same stuff you can get in San Fran.

    Marpole Quality Meat Supply
    (Specialists in Boerewors, Dry Wors, and Biltong)
    9247 Shaughnessy St
    Vancouver, BC
    V6P 6R5
    Tel: 604-261-4642

    1. We were not allowed to bring back beef jerky when we went in September, so I wouldn't gamble on that one if I were you.

      Granville Island was a great place to get one of a kind souvenirs... stop by Edible British Columbia and you can sample anything you could ever want to bring home.

      1. Just spent my first full day here in BC... was told by the tour guide that meat products (like beef/pork) are not allowed thru, although the wild sockeye smoked salmon we bought should make it thru. We also bought some maple syrup products like candy and biscuits.