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What's your latest food quest?

Visiting Vancouver area from SF: Recs for goodies to bring home with me?

S U Nov 21, 2006 10:03 PM

Will be staying in Richmond, won't have access to a car, but hoping to bring back stuff that won't be confiscated at the airport. Please only recs for stuff I wouldn't be able to order online or buy at home. Thanks! Also, I'm more a savory snack type person than sweets, although I do love chocolate.

For instance, before the chinese "olive oil" (cantonese: gai lam yao)condiment -- for noodles, rice dishes, etc could be purchased locally here in SF, a friend brought it back for me from a trip.

  1. Pollo Nov 22, 2006 12:24 AM

    The only place that I can recommend that has something unique is Marpole Meats....it is in south Vancouver almost under the Granville street bridge (kind of hard to find unless you have a map and a car). They have v. good "Biltlong" if you are into jerky type of foods....make sure they slice it for you and if you are lucky they will vacuum pack as well...~$14/lb. I always bring it back to US and declare as beef jerky and so far no one questioned it. Other than that all other stores in Richmond (both asian and non-asian) have the same stuff you can get in San Fran.

    Marpole Quality Meat Supply
    (Specialists in Boerewors, Dry Wors, and Biltong)
    9247 Shaughnessy St
    Vancouver, BC
    V6P 6R5
    Tel: 604-261-4642

    1. Katie Nell Nov 22, 2006 12:51 PM

      We were not allowed to bring back beef jerky when we went in September, so I wouldn't gamble on that one if I were you.

      Granville Island was a great place to get one of a kind souvenirs... stop by Edible British Columbia and you can sample anything you could ever want to bring home.

      1. s
        S U Nov 24, 2006 05:40 AM

        Just spent my first full day here in BC... was told by the tour guide that meat products (like beef/pork) are not allowed thru, although the wild sockeye smoked salmon we bought should make it thru. We also bought some maple syrup products like candy and biscuits.

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