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Nov 21, 2006 09:31 PM

Puffy Tacos in Austin?

I grew up in San Antonio and came to love the puffy tacos from Tico Milana (not sure if that's spelled correctly but it's been a long time...). They're soft, warm, puffy corn tacos that you can get with either chicken, beef or guacamole filling. They're not the fried crispy tacos that a few places around Austin serve.

Anyway know of a place in Austin that serves San Antonio style puffy tacos?

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  1. Vivo (next to El Chile on Manor) serves puffy tacos. Can't say if their San Antonio style. Many people seem to like them; I actually think they're kind of nasty.

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    1. re: tom in austin

      I've always kinda liked the puffy tacos at Vivo, although they've always been tempered by a good amount of their very strong frozen margaritas. Vivo's is the type of place I go with friends to have a good time but not for phenomenal ground breaking tex mex....sometimes you just want to enjoy a strong drink in a nice setting with some decent food. Puffy they are......the most delicious tex mex available in Austin? not really. But, again when served up with their margaritas....a nice meal that is far beyond some of the other "margarita locales" in Austin (i.e. Trudy's and the like).

    2. not soft. very tasty and puffy, but fried tortillas

      1. Hula Hut on Lake Austin Blvd has a puffy taco cult following.

        1. Angie's at 7th and I-35 has killer carnitas they serve in "puffy" tacos. the tortilla is not corn, but flour. also i think they put shredded american cheese on it. doesn't matter though, they are so good i want to cry.

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            Angies carnitas tacos are delicious! I didn't realize that that's what people meant when they talked about puffy tacos. Mine have always come with slightly fried corn tortillas, though, not flour.

            1. re: Brian Lindauer

              Puffy tacos are made of corn masa, not flour, that puffs up when it's cooked. Like gorditas, puffy tacos are sometimes cooked on a comal (griddle) instead of being fried. The fried ones, however, are much, much better.

              Here's a link to a picture [I'm not vouching for the recipe]:


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                Those look tasty, but they aren't what they serve at Angie's.

            2. re: yimay

              Finally got to Angies today. First trip, tried to go for dinner - they aren't open for dinner. Second trip went for lunch on Tuesday - they aren't open on Tuesday. Went today and had the Carnita tacos with fresh corn tortillas. Outstanding! What did suprise me was the salsa. I like "Rip Your Face Off Hot" food. Their salsa was the hottest I've ever had!! Great stuff. I'll be back but why no steak tacos? Only beef, chicken and the carnitas.

            3. Update - I called Hula Hut (owned by Chuy's) and they don't serve puffy tacos or gorditas (the closest thing to puffy tacos I've found). I guess I'll have to keep searching ... thanks all for your replies.

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              1. re: RunLolaRun

                Did you give Vivo a try? I'm not a fan, but as I said, they definitely have puffy tacos.

                1. re: tom in austin

                  El Chile (right next to Vivo on Manor) has puffy tacos on their lunch menu, but not their dinner menu. A friend of mine who has since moved away really loved the food there so I ended up eating there several times. The food was good to very good, imo. A lot of people really like their salsa which is quite smoky. You might try them at lunch. I'm a pretty new 'hound, but I'd bet there's been past discussion of this place.

                  1. re: diva360

                    El Chilito, part of the El Chile empire, has puffy tacos with the picadillo filling. They're very good although I wish they were a bit greasier.