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Nov 21, 2006 08:56 PM

Feeding group of 50 Seafood in Charleston

I am travelling to Charleston next summer with a group of teens, and am looking for a goo (also inexpensive) seafood restaraunt for them to have REAL seafood (not Long John Silvers junk food) A buffet would be perfect, they eat what they want And I cover a set price meal. Any Suggestions? Also looking for a good South Carolina BBQ buffet. Have heard of DUKES and BESSINGERS before. Comments?

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  1. Try Momma Brown's in Mt. Pleasant on Ben Sawyer Blvd for no-frills but delish BBQ... and, if it is still around, The Wreck in Mt. Pleasant for no-frills seafood! Good luck with all those teens!

    1. I will have to second islandeye on Momma Bown's in Mt.P. She has both the sweet mustand sauce and the vinegar and pepper style BBO that she is known for. Also has good Mac and Chz not the blue box stuff so maybe the teens would not like it. As to Bessinger's West of the Ashley on Savannah Hwy it has a wide selection of things but the star attraction is greasy. It has been a long time since I have been to The Wreck and maybe it has expanded but if it has not I think 5O teens would overwhelm the other diners. I know I am not a high end diner but to me The Wreck would not be inexpensive for 50 teens. Just to give you some idea of the width and breadth of my wallet, when main dishes go over $20 I start to get nervous for a normal dining out.

      1. For the seafood, try The Noisy Oyster or Gilligan's. Decent variety at affordable prices. Slightly touristy, but seafood that teens would like. Plus, they probably have the capacity to take large groups. Mama Brown's has great BBQ, but might not be able to accomodate a group that large.