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some fresh new happy joints in pasadena area?

looking for a good happy hour in the pasadena area (or glendale, la crescenta, montrose). Something different than the usual suspects of yardhouse, mccormick and schmicks, hooters, and Im not a fan of sushi roku...drink specials (preferrably beer) and cheap eats is what I'm looking for...it would also be nice if it started around 3 but not mandatory...any suggestions? place, time and what are the happy hour specials? thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't know of any happy hour that starts at 3 p.m., but Bar Celona on Colorado has a decent hh. There is a sushi bar inside so you can either get tapas, or sushi. Weird, but it works somehow.

      1. Happy hour at La Maschera takes place Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.


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          Oh I second this place. Great food and nice atmosphere, though their bar chairs are highly uncomfortable. However, they have couches in the bar area as well.

        2. I like Magnolia on South Lake. Happy hour til 7pm (I *think* it starts at 4pm, but I could be wrong). I don't think they sell beer (unless it's by the bottle) - full bar and good wines. The best part is their food -- all 1/2 off for happy hour and VERY good!! (Ends up being about $4-5 each.) Drink specials seem to vary by day. My favorites are mac n' cheese and chili in a cornbread bowl!


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              i 3rd magnolia. they have 1/2 off i think on mondays!

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                4th. you step inside and you'd think you're in Hollywood, without all the pretentiousness.

          1. I haven't tried it yet but there's a new place on the corner of San Gabriel and Colorado called the Vault. On Tuesdays they have a ladies happy hour that includes champagne and a manicure for $10

            1. check out RedWhite+Bluez on Raymond, especially if you're a fan of jazz/blues or wine flights.

              also, Vertical Wine Bistro just opened with a small plates/tapas menu and an electic list of bottles (blockbuster producer Gale Anne Hurd who's the owner supposedly is a wine afficionado). I'm not sure if they've got a happy hour thing going though.

              1. try the burger at vertical. i like the atmosphere. the burger is more like a slider kind.

                1. Magnolia on Lake, Red White & Bluezz are both good options. Haven't been to Vertical yet but sounds like fun too. La Maschera's also fun (the white pizza with salmon's a must try) but a bit far out from rest of Old Town.

                  And if you're for something chainy, the Melting Pot also has happy hour specials.


                  1. the crepevine in old town (the alley behind jakes) has happy hour and you can get a basket of their garlic fries for $3 and some crepes for $3, too!


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                      :( Just called crepevine and they said Happy Hour isn't offered at this time because of a fire they recently had.

                    2. I just went to La Marschetta on Fair Oaks at Holly St. and was very pleased... during their happy hour (5-7 Mon-Thurs) they have generous 3 oz (more like 4!) pours for $3 each from a pretty extensive list. Plus their food is very good-- I LOVED the veggie pizza ($4 for 4 pieces) on a crispy thin crust and their lamb sliders ($3? i think) are delicious. What's more, the service is very friendly and non-intrusive, and the decor is SO lovely... subdued, classy moroccan. I will most certainly go back!