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Nov 21, 2006 08:01 PM

Corona - 108th Street

Driving back from Leo's today from lunch I noticed a few places on 108th Street. Anybody try any of these places -

Empanadas del parque - saw a number of people inside.
Il Forno - Corona Pizza - says brickoven thin crust on the sign out front.
El Palacio De las Empanadas

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  1. empanadas del parque is usually pretty solid. better than empanada mama, for the sake of comparison. generally the food tastes fresh, and they have a bunch of options at reasonable prices. some of it is obviously not authentic (i.e. pineapple filling), but for overall i like the place.

    have never been to corona pizza, but my friend who grew up around the corner said it's fine for the neighborhood, but not worth going out of the way.

    1. I can't comment on the other two places, because I've never tried them, but I really like Empanadas del Parque. The empanadas are delicious, and you can also get a very fine cafe con leche there.

      1. Cantina de Don Chicho in Corona was said to have the best Argentine empanadas on a recent thread. Not sure if their on 108th st.

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          Don Chicho is on the corner of Junction Blvd and Corona ave, I like the place alot and they have good empanadas but I don't know that they are all that different then the one you can get at Esquina Criolla on the opposite corner. If Corona Pizza is the one opposite Lemon Ice King, it is no better or worse then your typical corner pizza joint, average at best

        2. There is an Italian restaurant across the street from Leo's, does anyone know what their pizza is like or italian dishes.

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            I had a slice once and I wasn't very impressed. There's a pizza place on the other side of Roosevelt on about 103rd does anyone know anything about that place?