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Kansas City New Years 2006

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Friends are coming in from Chicago for New Years. I need some suggestions on a GREAT place for a nice dinner out.

Somewhere fun but nice.

LOVE the old Piropos, Had a GREAT meal at Lidia's for the millenial new years...help me along those lines.

Thanks for the input my fellow foodies.


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  1. I heard that 40 Sardines (corner of 119th & Roe) has a New Year's dinner that's out of this world (5 courses with wine pairings?). Will be a little more expensive - I'm thinking approx. $100/person but I can't remember from last year's flyer. I haven't done the New Year's thing there but it's one of my favorite restaurants.

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      I'll second 40 Sardines - consistently fantastic. You should also check to see what The American Restaurant or 1924 Main are doing. They're both excellent options.