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Nov 21, 2006 07:02 PM

Las Vegas Brunch/ Breakfast

Hi Hounds! I need your help...
I will be staying at The Palms Thanksgiving weekend. I have family who live near Summerlin, and would like to go to breakfast/brunch on Sunday before I leave. There will be quite a few of us (at least 10 or so, and 2 children), so I'd like to keep the cost down.
Any ideas on a really good breakfast or brunch? Can be on the Strip, or not...I'm not adverse to buffets, but a sit down might be better for my elderly Grandma.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. mnay options - obviously, the buffets are the easy way out - between you and them you have -

    omelet house
    blueberry hill ( pancakes ) - i believe sahara/decatur
    original pancake house - around the corner from blueberry hill
    hash house a go-go
    several dim-sum places - i sense this is not your preference
    how about red rock casino - several options there. they currently have several breakfast specials at their cafe - not bad food. they have a $1.99 bacon/eggs breakfast...not sure if that price is on sunday.

    1. If you are trying to keep cost to a minimum I would go the buffet route on the strip. At least you will know what the up front cost will be rather then worrying about who is going to order the steak and eggs at a sit down breakfast. You could always assist Granny or offer to play waiter for her and gather her order from the buffet.

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        You are not going to find any great bargains at a buffet on the Strip. If you want a bargain buffetm you would do a LOT better hitting the buffet at either the orleans or the Gold Coast which you could probably get at around $10 pp.

      2. If you're in the Summerlin area, try The Cracked Egg:

        Pretty tasty. Alhtough if you're 12 people you might want to try and call ahead.

        1. i remember eating at craving (the buffet at mirage) a couple of years back for breakfast. i believe it was $13pp back then, same with the bellagio i think. not sure if the prices have gone up, but i thought it was cheap for the vast selection of food they had on hand.