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Nov 21, 2006 06:58 PM

Any gems for dinner on subway on west side?

Visiting friend requests location on subway between Royal York & St. George. Hoping for really good bistro or even gastro-pub. Not fusion, asian or chain resto.

Any help for this east-ender appreciated, thanks folks!

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  1. St. George: Bar Mercurio -

    Spadina/Bathurst: Serra -

    West of Bathurst, nothing fancy on Bloor until you get to Bloor West Village.

    Lots of places off Bloor, though. Two of my favourite places in my neighbourhood, near Ossington: The Roxton (gastro-pub about sums it up), on Harbord, a block east of Ossington, and the Universal Grill (American bistro - ribs, steak, chicken - in a funky converted diner), at the corner of Dupont and Shaw, a block east of Ossington.

    1. Try Casa Barcelona. Right by Royal York station. Generally good. Eduardo the owner is a hoot, but a little invasive sometimes.

      1. I love Serra, which is on the north side of Bloor, just west of Spadina. It's Italian. The food isn't fancy, but it's always delish, and the service is pretty good. It's also not too pricey, is open for lunch during the week and has enough variety to please family and less adventurous friends without boring the repeat visitor. There are also a number of fun shops nearby to look in before-hand.

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          I totally agree with Serra, its a great little gem, good prices for great pasta, good service, and a really nice pizza too!

        2. I like Cru Restaurant (, right outside Royal York subway station. They have a prix fixe menu from Sundays to Wednesdays and the food is quite good. We've gone twice, both for special occassions. Food and a bottle of wine for 2 goes for about $120.00.

          1. Bar Mercurio all the way. Serra does not compare. Not sure how far west you need to be...but Bar Mercurio is always a favourite:)