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Nov 21, 2006 06:55 PM

Chocolate Cookies in Brooklyn

Each year I make Thanksgiving dinner for my family. A number of years back I stopped by a bakery in Bensonhurst and bought a light dessert to go with the meal. Little rolled chocolate cookies made of flakey rolled dough of the type you see in the LU wafere cookies. They were cylinders about the diameter and length of an index finger and very tasty.

After a large meal my family was full but managed to eat lots of them and they became a Thanksgiving tradition. I *have* to supply these.

All was well until the bakery I bought them at closed up. Over the years I was successful in finding alternate sources but one by one the places have closed. My last source was in Astoria, an inconvenient drive, and last year they ran out. I took heat from my family.

Any ideas in the Brooklyn? The closer to Park Slope the better but I'll travel.

Note that today I already tried Delices de Paris, Colson Patisserie, and the Lopez Bakery (who had them at one time.) No luck.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Can you come up with a name for these cookies?
    At first I thought you were referring to chocolate rugelach
    but you didn't mention nuts, so now I think not.
    Before I make a suggestion that will send you all over the place, I'd like to know if I'm understanding what you are seeking.

    1. If these are cigarello-shaped cookies (hard to figure from your description) I saw some at Mazzola's this morning. Rolled chocolate cookie with chocolate sprinkles on the outside.