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Nov 21, 2006 06:45 PM

Baker's Paraffin or Wax

I am planning on making shortbread cookies to give out at Xmas and would like to dip half of them in chocolate. I've heard that if you add a bit of baker's wax to the chocolate they will harden better. I've never heard of either of these products, and I have no idea where to find them in Toronto. Any ideas??

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  1. I got some at No Frills at Carlaw & Dundas this weekend. I'm still a bit skeptical on using it with my delicious Callebaut chocolate.

    FYI – Callebaut is $7.99 lb at Domino's at St. Lawrence Market

    1. You are looking for parafin wax. It is usually (At loblaws anyway) in the spice/pickling section down towards the bottom. It does make the chocolate shinier and harder. You don't need too much though.

      1. I think you posted a similar question on the home cooking board. I suggest you use a tsp or two of veg. shortening (crisco) to about 6 to 8 oz. of chocolate rather than paraffin. I know that crisco is bad trans fat, but I don't think it can possibly be any worse than paraffin and it really helps the chocolate stay glossy and set firmly. I've used paraffin years ago when making dipped chocolates but I think for cookies you don't need such a hard set.