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Nov 21, 2006 06:39 PM

The Paddock

Really looking forward to going there tonight at 7:00. Haven't been in a little while, and actually miss their onion rings even more than the pizza (I live a few blocks from Regina's, so good pizza is the norm for lucky me).

Anybody have some "unusual" suggestions for tonight? You'll have to do some work to get me to have anything other than pizza and onion rings (and beer) though.

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  1. Love the place! It's been a while so we'll have to go soon. The portions and $$ are great. I recall having their sausage pizza and loving it. Talk about an unpretentious place! Have fun and report back on what you ended up having.

    1. I have never been and will be there tonight! Looking forward to trying it!

      1. I'm looking forward to it too, I've been craving pizza all week! Well, okay, onion rings too.

        1. Everyone is welcome to join us ... see you tonight!

          1. I like their clams casino, which are not overdone and have generally been nice and briny when I had them (always feel a bit worried that they won't always be fresh, but its always worked out). I do eat from other parts of the menu rather than just Pizza, but for sharing as an appetizer the steak tips are tasty. The baked stuffed combo with sirloin (think this is shrimp, but it might be fish, I have had both stuffed which are about on a par with Mt Vernon). Their sandwiches including the burger are decent.

            One thing I would avoid is their fried calamari ... dry, tough.