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The Paddock

Really looking forward to going there tonight at 7:00. Haven't been in a little while, and actually miss their onion rings even more than the pizza (I live a few blocks from Regina's, so good pizza is the norm for lucky me).

Anybody have some "unusual" suggestions for tonight? You'll have to do some work to get me to have anything other than pizza and onion rings (and beer) though.

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  1. Love the place! It's been a while so we'll have to go soon. The portions and $$ are great. I recall having their sausage pizza and loving it. Talk about an unpretentious place! Have fun and report back on what you ended up having.

    1. I have never been and will be there tonight! Looking forward to trying it!

      1. I'm looking forward to it too, I've been craving pizza all week! Well, okay, onion rings too.

        1. Everyone is welcome to join us ... see you tonight!

          1. I like their clams casino, which are not overdone and have generally been nice and briny when I had them (always feel a bit worried that they won't always be fresh, but its always worked out). I do eat from other parts of the menu rather than just Pizza, but for sharing as an appetizer the steak tips are tasty. The baked stuffed combo with sirloin (think this is shrimp, but it might be fish, I have had both stuffed which are about on a par with Mt Vernon). Their sandwiches including the burger are decent.

            One thing I would avoid is their fried calamari ... dry, tough.

            1. Well, maybe I'll add an order of steak tips to go along with the pizza, onion rings, and beer. Oh, and chicken parmigiana. I remember those being tasty, too.

              1. BTW, I'm gonna finish this weekend weighing about 400 pounds. The Paddock tonight, Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, Patriots tailgate Sunday.

                I'm going to start taking an aspirin every day to ward off cardiac arrest and stroke.

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                  You're too funny BostonBob...you'll also need to make room for all the beer.

                  1. re: Sal Monella

                    Beer is NEVER a problem, Sal. Never. :)

                2. Y'all are going to scare the heck out of them - it's going to be like a flashmob, only with larger waistlines. ;)

                  (Sorry I can't make it)

                  1. So, did everyone have pizza? I wish I had made the trip. We were suppose to meet up with friends at Donovans but things kind of fell through. Oh, and the new Donovans in Hyde Park still isn't open!

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                      The fact that it's 9:00 now and no one from the group has said anything yet implies that the beer was flowing...

                      Hope everyone had a good time! I'll try to make it next time. BTW, bummer about Donovan's in HP. I was thinking of going there tonight, too.

                      1. re: hiddenboston

                        Beer AND wine. Bottles of incredibly inexpensive Chianti.

                        We all had a blast. An entire LONG table of Chowhounds eating massive amounts of food.

                        I had everyone sign a Paddock menu with their usernames, and after I wake up a little, I'll scan it and post a link.

                        BTW, my surprise fav of the evening was the anchovy pizza.

                        Pegmeister and Marc, you were both missed. And Marc, there were a couple of comments about how active you were on this site yesterday for somebody who is "out of town"... :))

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                          Yes, a family member of mine loves the anchovy pizza there. You guys are on your own on that one, however... ;-b

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                            I had a fab time! I loved the pizza for it's really crisp crust and delicious tomato sauce that apparently is made of only imported Italian tomatoes. I think we embarrassed the poor pizza maker by giving him a round of applause! Our waitress was fantastic as well handling a crowd of about 15 and I appreciated her honesty in steering us away from those menu items that might not have been at their peak last night.

                            1. re: lissy

                              Well, he might have been embarrassed the FIRST time we applauded him, but he did come out for an encore later.

                      2. No one has mentioned the steak tips yet - a big THANK YOU to whomever recommended those - they were EXCELLENT. Perfectly cooked, tangy, dripping with delicious sauce. The fries that came with them were great as well and perfect for soaking up the extra sauce!

                        As for the pizza my favorite was the pepperoni, well-done.

                        1. Well, I didn't mention the steak tips because I was one or two minutes late and you folks wolfed them all down! :)

                          I have had them before though, and they are indeed excellent.

                          1. My head is still pounding -- there's a reason they tell you not to mix your spirits with your wine, after all.

                            I LOVED the Paddock -- the whole old school vibe, the really nice people who waited on and cooked for us, and especially the pizza. My favorite were the straightforward pepperoni and sausage pies. And the waitress was great -- when I ordered the tips she said she'd do a double order of fries on the side so we could try them too. Pub fries, but cooked perfectly and nice for sopping up the juices from the meat. When I go back (and that will be soon) I'll have to work real hard to decide between a pizza and the tips.

                            Most of all, I was really happy to see so many hounds there -- old friends and new. It was a fun fun fun time. Thanks everyone for rallying.

                            1. It was an evening well spent. They had to open up the back room for us since we were such a large party. Our waitress was a pro and certainly managed us well. Everything was modestly priced and the atmosphere was fantastic. I've never seen so much horse memorabilia in my life.

                              Onion Rings - eh
                              French Fries - excellent
                              Steak Tips - see above
                              Chicken with Basil
                              Cherry peppers and garlic?
                              Sausage with onions - oh my!
                              Half anchovy, half chicken

                              It was great to see everyone - thanks for making this a very enjoyable night.

                              1. Oh and did anyone mention that it only cost $23 each! You could have rolled me out of there which is a total bargain at those prices.

                                1. I was going to wait until Bostonbob posts with the 'autographed' menu, but I just have to say what a great time we had. We'll definitely be back - I LOVED the place, and really can't decide which pizza I liked the best, they were all so consistently good (I think I had at least a slice of each one!)- the classics like plain cheese, and pepperoni; the chicken and basil; the garlic, marinated tomatoes, and hot cherry pepper; the mushroom, pepper, onion, and sausage....and I was happy to see a lot of fellow anchovy lovers in the group! I find it very funny that our end of the table ordered five pizzas, and the other end ordered two (but they got the steak tips too). heh heh. But of course we all shared and polished them off. Our waitress was Cheryl, who was excellent - so helpful, friendly, and patient with our big group. I have to mention also David (I think one of the owners?) who introduced himself and also gave us a couple of the old-school rafia-covered Chianti bottles to take home, and the pizza chef, Gilvan. On top of great food and great CH company, everyone at the Paddock couldn't have been nicer. Thanks YumYum for organizing, it was nice meeting so many new 'Hounds in person - quite a lively (and loud) group, weren't we. ;)

                                  1. Three cheers to yumyum for organizing this -- it was great to meet some new (to me) hounds and see old friends. And big thanks for all the suggestions that people made online as well. We tried ordering the clams casino that Itaunas suggested, but as lissy mentioned above, our awesome waitress Cheryl steered us away from them ("not so good tonight") with a wink and a nod, which of course made us love her even MORE. Steering customers away from bad clams = a waitress you can trust.

                                    I thought the steak tips were great, the pizza was best when it was piping hot -- the crust had a pretty short half-life of crispiness -- and I thought the onion rings were good though not life-altering. The pepperoni on the pizza were nice and spicy, too. And it's probably very peasant-y of me, but I thought the old-school chianti was great.

                                    1. yes; we all seemed to really enjoy ourselves. i commented to d as we were leaving that it felt so great to see 15 laughing smiling faces for a few hours!

                                      suggestion for future paddock visitors:

                                      The waitress told us at the beginning that her fav pizza there is the marinated tomato and garlic. our table decided to use this as a base for a few versions: hot cherry peppers(chopped); chicken and basil; and anchovy. i think that BASE of marinated toma and garlic- made for a big improvement on an exc. pizza. the marinated toma and garlic base just gave those pizzas an extra zing and punch. super duper. and exc thin crisp crust. and the paddock has the sense to give you steak knives automatically for those crusts (unlike regina's!)

                                      so great to share the passion with all these smart,positive, generous people! I'm planning on organizing a CH night out at Ponzu, Waltham (see recent rave/posts)for late Jan; hope to meet even more of you then!

                                      1. Darn it, all the scanners are being used for a big presentation on Monday.

                                        How dare they use them for work, when I need them to post the autographed Paddock menu!

                                        Their priorities are way out of whack.

                                        Patience on the menu post, fellow hounds. I promise I'll do it eventually.

                                        BTW, good comment about marinated tomato and garlic base sauce, OpinionatedChef. It really did pep up an already tasty pie.

                                        1. A nice pie (I sampled only the garlic-tomato)! Crispy, cracker-like crust, but as MichaelB points out, probably best eaten right outta the oven. I was disappointed in the onion rings. I think the batter could use some salt and the few that I had were undercooked - the onion was still raw. Really nice folks who run the place. Glad I got over my fear of the Paddock because we now have a new local pizza joint!

                                          Oh, and the pinot grigio went down easily with the pizza...maybe a little too easily....

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                                            a l i c e -- I agree -- the rings weren't all that, but I do prefer the tempura style batter to those thickly breaded rings you see at places like O'Sullivan's. The undersalting made me think of the rings at Bartley's and not in a good way. Kelly's does them the same way, allowing the customer to salt themselves, but I like them seasoned from the git-go.

                                            You were my inspiration for setting this up -- our mutual fear of the Paddock needed to be conquered. And now, I'll meet you at the Paddock any old time. It's great that it's in our general hood.

                                            The cheap chianti flowed easily too. Ugh.

                                          2. It was great seeing old chow friends and meeting new ones. My fave pizza was the marinated tomato, garlic and hot cherry peppers. That first slice, right out of the oven, was positively divine. Crisp crust and really hot, well balanced toppings. Also, the sausage on the meat pizza had a lot of flavor.

                                            The rings were mediocre, but the french fries made up for the o-rings deficiencies. Great company, cheap wine and excellent food. A memorable evening.

                                            1. The Paddock and the good company were definitely well worth my schlep in from the burbs. I would definitely go back there in a heartbeat, even if only 2 people the steak tip app and a sausage pizza would go down easily. This is what is soo soo great about chowhoud, never in a million years would I have heard about or gone to this place, even if it was in my vicinity I would just drive right past it. It was great seeing everyone and big thank-you to the organizer. My Thanksgiving thought 'I'm thankful for my chowhound friends-old and new)

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                                                Oh my gosh, pluziam -- that's really sweet. blink blink I'm thankful too.

                                                Next time you are in my part of town, I'll meet you at the Paddock!

                                              2. Happy Thanksgiving, you garlicky, Chianti-y 'hounds!