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Nov 21, 2006 06:37 PM

Nice Korean lunch in Philly area?

My wife wants to go out tomorrow for a pre-Thanksgiving lunch with me, and she's in the mood for Korean. She especially likes bi bim bop and I like jop chae. Any recommendations for good Korean fare?

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  1. If you're not looking for the DIY BBQ thing, then Giwa on 17th & Sansom is a good bet. Their seafood pancake studded with scallops and scallions is light a crispy, and I know for a fact they have bi bim bop. It's also really reasonably priced and not divey in any way.

    1. How about Miran, 2034 Chestnut St, (215) 569-1200?
      I've enjoyed the soup + kimche combinations, and there's a burner for each table for your barbecue.