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Nov 21, 2006 06:29 PM

Key lime pie question

Can I use bottled lime juice, not bottled key lime juice for key lime pie? I normally use the bottled key lime juice but don't have any, although I do have some bottled lime juice. Thank you.

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  1. I've found that making key lime pie with anything but fresh juice results in a vastly inferior pie (in my opinion). I would use fresh regular limes and lemons to approximate the fresh key lime juice taste.

    1. Bottled lime juice is nasty, I wouldn't make a pie with it. Like the suggestion of using fresh lime and lemon juice.

      1. Yes, I figured fresh would be best. My question is if bottled lime juice would taste the same as bottled key lime juice in a key lime pie.

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          I would think not -- key limes are way more sour than regular limes. That's why the recipe specifies them, and not regular limes. I'd go with celeste's rec to mix them with lemons -- it wont' taste the same, but at least it will be sour enough to counteract the sweetness of all the other sweet ingredients. (And acidic enough to cook it-- you're not baking it, right?)

        2. I've tried this substitution, and it is not even close. You will have a lime pie that has a distinct preservative after taste.

          1. Thank you, Covert Ops and Mattrapp. I really appreciate it!