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Nov 21, 2006 06:15 PM

Rainbow Cafe (thanks Chowhound)

This is my first post and I wanted to say thanks to the board for a delightful recomendation in the Rainbow Cafe in Chinatown. My DC and I went for lunch.

When we walked in we were handed a lunch menu that was VERY conventional. I inquired about the Cuttlefish Balls and the Oyster Pancake (both recommended here). The server seemed a bit surprised but was happy to switch gears. She also suggested an Eel with Udon noodle dish.

All three dishes were fresh and delicious. We both finished the meal off with a Mango grapefruit and Coconut milkshake which made a great dessert!

I've been eating in Chinatown for years and was looking for something a little different. The Rainbow Cafe really filled the bill. Thanks again!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect lunch - welcome to the Board!

    1. Don't miss the HK-style sweet and sour pork, and the fish which is done in a similar preparation, but in a savory (and not fluorescent red) sauce.

      1. Thanks for your post. Based on this, I had dinner at the Rainbow to try the eel and udon noodle dish ($8.95) that the server recommended. It was very tasty combining two of my favorite things unagi and fried udon noodles. I've never seen this combination in japanese or korean places so maybe it's a taiwanese adaptation of japanese ingredients. They stir fry onions, carrots, seaweed, udon noodles and a generous amount of unagi with a soy based sauce (maybe the same as they put on unagi sushi). It was a little greasy but really good. Just before serving she added strips of dired nori that was a nice touch.

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          Oh that sounds delicious! I haven't tried Rainbow yet but now I have to. Thanks for the detail on the eel dish ... it's so up my alley.

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            oh moy gowad!!!!! udon AND unagi?!!! that's like 'died and gone to heaven too'. yumyum, meet you there ..... SOON????!

          2. We are getting lunch from here today. They have a great chicken, duck and crispy pork rice plate. They market themselves as Hong Kong, Szechuan and Vietnamese cuisine. For true Taiwanese the Taiwan Cafe is awesome and for bbq my favorite is the Hong Kong cafe, but Rainbow is consistently extremely good.

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              Yes, I been to taiwan cafe many times and agree. My comment on the eel and udon dish is based on it clearly not being found in hong kong, szechuan or vietnamese cuisine. They list a few taiwanese dishes and as taiwan was occupied by japan, there might have been some fusion cuisine.