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Nov 21, 2006 06:15 PM

Chow in Manhattan - Recs?

I'll try this again, and will be more specific.

BF and I are going to be in Manhattan (Greenwich Village/Little Italy/SoHo/Tribeca/Chinatown area) from the Friday after Thanksgiving to that Sunday. We need recommendations. I'd like several different things:

1. A good authentic NY bagel for breakfast
2. A good authentic deli for lunch
3. Recs for places for dinner. We want a nice atmosphere, would like to pay $50-$100 for two. Any cusine but Indian is acceptable, no steakhouses or bland American. No chains. Cheaper is OK if the place has atmosphere.

Thanks very much!

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  1. #2 is easy. For the quintessential NY deli experience, go to Katz's where it's all about the pastrami.

    1. david's bagels on first and 14th or esa bagels.

      franks or supper in the east village are good italian places. for "nicer" atmosphere, cacio e pepe - italian. plently of other cuisines to choose from as well, obviously, but these are good italians in your price range. 26 seats for french (ave B and 12th) is good, too, and cheap.

      1. Still on the old college student budget, so I'm not too familiar with dinner recs, but I can certainly recommend:

        1. Ess-A-Bagel - they have an LES location that is pretty close to where you will be.

        2. Definitely Katz's! Also located on the LES.

        1. For dinner - you've got a lot of good options in that price range, I'd second Frank's and Supper.

          At the higher end of your range I'd recommend:

          Pearl Oyster Bar (Village) and Tides (LES) for good seafood (I highly recommend the mussels and POB).

          Tapas/ shared plates-- Bar Jamon, Casa Mono, Inoteca / 'Ino.

          Lupa and Otto are also great.

          In Tribeca I really like Turks & Frogs for Turkish in a nice but low-key atmosphere and Bread Tribeca is pretty good, cheap Italian.

          There are a lot of recent threads on places to go in Chinatown.