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Nov 21, 2006 06:02 PM

LU Choco Prince cookies in Toronto?

I had these addictive sandwich cookies in France made by the euro cookie company called LU. They were the LU Choco Prince cookies...basically two lightly sweetened almost Ritz cracker like cookies with a chocolate filling.

They in other parts of Europe under other names, but all packaging is blue with a prince on the front!

Does anyone know if these are available anywhere in Toronto? or for order online to ship to Toronto?

I have seen other LU cookies at grocery stores, but so far not these!

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  1. I would bet that starskys on Dundas in Miss has it!

    1. La Rose Bakery at Eglinton and Royal York. They're near the cash register/cappuchino bar.

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        Responding to this answer some 6 years later: I visited La Rose Bakery in Etobicoke with high hopes to finding my partner's favourite snack. They're Galletas Príncipe afterall and even I began craving them while travelling through Europe. La Rose Bakery no longer sells said Prince Lu Chocolate Cookies since they are "not an Italian product". However they do provide a rude environment and distasteful service. I strongly suggest no one wastes their time visiting this place.

        1. re: galletas_principe

          If you're still looking, and on Dundas west of hwy 27, you might try Brandt Meats on Mattawam which runs south off Dundas a block or so past Starsky.

          BTW, agree with you about LaRose--went once, will never go back.

          1. re: pearl3

            @pearl3 Wow! Thanks for your reply. I'm definitely going to try there. Cross fingers :-)

            1. re: pearl3

              I got addicted to the Prince cookies too on my recent visit back to France. Thanks for the tip!

        2. The original comment has been removed