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Nov 21, 2006 06:01 PM

West Side: Nargila, Mike's - Any Updates?

Initial reviews (this is the West 72nd Street outpost of the very good Nargilah on the Upper East Side) were decidedly negative. Poor food, service you name it. I wonder of anyone has been there lately and can report if things have improved.

Also, any recent reviews of Mike's Bistro would be appreciated as well.

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  1. I just ran into a friend on Sunday who said that Nargila had gotten better. He grew up near the UES version, so I guess he has some history.

    We went to Mike's for my wife's birthday at the beginning of October and it was very good.

    1. I think Nargila has improved considerably. Service can still be uneven, but they are friendly and are trying. The food is consistently fresh and excellent.
      Mike's has continued to get even better. The food is outstanding. Service can use some improvement, especially when they are busy, which is increasingly the case.

      1. Just ate there last night. Food and service was very good. I usually do not have dessert at meat restaurants. But this was a special occasion. The desserts are worth trying!

        1. I ate at Nargilah's last night... the hot fressh laffa were first rate... crispy crunchy soft bread the way it should be. The falafel balls were good but I did have heartburn afterwards which usually means re-used oil for frying. Why can't kosher places not be so cheap!! The fish dishes were fairly good but expensive, overall good main dishes were almost as much as at Levana's three blocks away. It reminded me of the same type of place in Israel, but in Israel nowhere is there such a poor choice of salads

          1. This restaurant was inhospitable to my guest and me. First, when we walked in the door on a weeknight, there was no body to seat us. Second, we found several open tables and asked the busboy if it was ok to sit down and he said yes. The waiter came over after a long wait with no food on the table, and he was ungracious, accusatory and confrontational. He demanded, "who told you to sit here!". Third, the restaurant advertised in its window that there was to be free wine tasting to patrons. I was never offered a glass of wine although I, three times, asked two of the waiters for some, Meanwhile, the manager and someone from the winery kept walking around with wineglasses and filling and re-filling the wine for other tables around us. At one point, they even used our table to set down their bottles for another table. I got to watch those around me sample their wine. Lucky me. Fourth, at the end of the meal, the waiter did not return my credit card and I did not pick up on this at the time. They are responsible for returning the credit card with which you entrust them. When I called up the next day, the man on the phone confirmed that he had my card but kept giving me the runaround and told me to call back at various times. I asked the woman who I was finally referred to to mail me back my card. I did not receive it after a week and therefore had to cancel my card and get a new one reissued. In sum, some of the operators of this establishment need to go back to charm school.

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              I've never been to Nargilah, but Mike's is still dishing out excellent food...