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Nov 21, 2006 05:53 PM

Potatoes for mashed potatoes?

I'm making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving (traditional kind with just milk, butter, salt & pepper) and have seen dissenting opinions on the best kind of potatoes to use. What do we think about russets vs. yukon golds? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Either one will work. There are people who will tell you Yukon Golds aren't “floury” (starchy) enough for mashed, but they're my preferred spud for the task; I like the flavor better, and I find that russets are almost too starchy and therefore get a little “cottony” when mashed – YGs have better body. Strictly my opinions, of course.

    1. I like both, but my new favorite is fingerling (boil whole with the skins on and then mash, don't whip)

      When I do russets I bake and then rice them - gives a great, earthy potato flavor. When I use Yukons I boil, lends itself to a creamier mashed potato, and is perfect for whipping, IMO.

      1. I agree with GG. Either will work, but I prefer the flavor and creaminess of Yukon Golds over the classic Russet. No matter what you choose, I recommend baking & ricing instead of boiling, as I find it yields lighter, fluffier, and more intensely flavored mashed potatoes.

        1. We always use Yukon Golds, they make outstanding mashed potatoes. In fact, we have a friend that almost won't eat mashed potatoes unless they're Yukon's. Guess I wonder how we made out in the "old days" when there were no YG's.