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Nov 21, 2006 05:32 PM

Kuala Lumpur in Pasadena being sold

abc website indicates that Kuala Lumpur is being sold and a Green Street Tavern will be opening in its place some time after the first of the year.
Since the Green Street location was the second one for KL, anyone know if they plan to move elsewhere or are they just closing for good?
Any good reviews of late?
My experience was good, yet also 3 years ago!

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  1. That's sad. I loved Kuala Lumpur's food - though I used to go more often when they were in the cellophane building. I loved their Mee Goreng so much that I got LA Times food section to print their recipe in the culinary SOS section. Next time I went in, they recognized me as the person who had asked for the recipe - since I always ordered it. (In contrast Yazmin in its current location proved one of the worst culinary experiences to me)

    I hope they find a new location close to Pasadena, even though of late I have been to KL less frequently.

    1. Oh, that's just devastating! That has always been our default location, when we just wanted some really good inexpensive food after a Mendenhall opening, or any other time we were in Old Town and didn't want to go elsewhere right away. Always reliable, always friendly, always delicious. Damn. Now what?

      1. No! I hope they're just moving somewhere else in town. That's really too bad. Old Town is losing a gem.

        1. As nobody posting so far has any input about when KL is closing, I guess we'll just have to bite the bullet, drop in this weekend and see what we can find out. I've had tougher assignments ;-)

          It'll be a nice diversion from turkey!

          1. Sounds like Pasadena is in the process of being overrun with pubs/taverns/wine bars... KL was a good alternative to the usual.