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Nov 21, 2006 05:23 PM

La Jolla this Friday night

My wife and I will arrive from NC the day after Thanksgiving, and it will be my first trip to the area.
I have read all the La Jolla posts, as far back as I can and have assembeled the following "short list" for Friday night: George's - main dining room, Roppongi's, Fresh, or Trattoria Aqua. Nine-ten is is our hotel so I will try it later.
A friend of a friend recommended Top of the Cove but their online menu left me flat.
I would appreciate some feedback, particularly about George's (main room) and Top of the Cove.

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  1. top of the cove has a very simple menu, as do many places in La jolla.

    I visited tapenade, its slightly off prospect and its actually a nice french restaurant. the duck breast there is melt in your mouth tasty.

    George's is nice, its pretty standard fare. Roppongi has more of a fusion/hawaii style with it, kind of like roy's but tastier.

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      You know, I could swear that I recently read about Top of the Cove closing for a while (it has been sold, and is being "rethought"), but I can't find any reference to that. Their web site is still up, but that doesn't mean a lot.

    2. oops just wanted to add. you'll probably want to make reservations , this weekend might be very packed. Even on non holiday weekends tables can take up to 2 hours

      1. Roppongi is pretty bad in my experience as is Trattoria Aqua, but what about adding on Jack's or La Valencia?

        1. Roppongi's is very good. Their best deal is their 4-6 pm happy hour special where you get all their tapas/small plates 50% off. Essentially the only time we eat there is during happy hour, so can't really vouch for the regular menu.

          Jack's is very good--3 menus w/ 3 different levels and dining experiences (very casual, upscale bar or formal dining room).

          I have only eaten at La Valencia for weddings or group functions and found their food to be mediocre, average hotel food. Unless they have a separate restaraunt of some sort, I'd skip it b/c there's much better eatings in La Jolla.

          Tapenade has excellent French food. It's truffle season and they put them on the menu. Last year we had a divine black truffle and scrambled egg dish that just melted in our mouth!

          George's main dining room has excellent food and you won't go wrong there.

          1. Since this is your first time in the area I would suggest starting your evening out by watching the sunset at the Marine Room. It is just down the hill a bit from the Prospect area of La Jolla and has the best view due to the fact that the restaurant is built below the mean high tide line so the waves actually hit the glass as you sit in the lounge. You could then move on to dinner in downtown LJ.

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