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Nov 21, 2006 05:21 PM

Apple Cider

I checked the boards and it seems that no one's posted a recent request for cider, East Coast-style. Anyone know a local source? I can't believe someplace like Whole Foods doesn't have it. How about any of the farmers' markets?

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  1. We usually make an annual pilgramage out to Oak Glen, in the nearby San Bernardino area (that's still LA, isn't it?). It's near where the 10 and 215 meet. They have apple orchards out there, and press fresh cider, and you can buy cider donuts and often times pick your own apples.

    Since they press and bottle it right there, we're happy with the freshness of the product, if you were going out that way anyway.

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      I just bought some of the cider at Law's in Oak Glen. An absolute revelation. I bought a 1/2 gallon and I could kick myself for not buying more. I really had no idea that apple cider could be so complex. It's hard to even drink supermarket apple juice anymore, it just tastes sweet and bland now. Those cider donuts went down pretty easily too:-)

    2. The Sunday Farmer's Market on Main Street in Santa Monica has a stand with decent cider in half-gallon and pints. Wouldn't compare it with East Coast cider though.

      1. i have to say i love trader joes cider. they had it as a sample last year, it wasnt too shabby.

        1. Do you mean cider or apple juice?

          Cider by definition is fermented juice with an alcohol content, whole foods sometimes carries it, as does Vendome, Valley Beverage, Du Vin and other liquor stores.

          Fresh pressed juice is just the juice. Unpasturized is hard to find...Oak Glen may have some, I know of a place in Tehachapi, but their closed for the season. Selling unpasturized Juice is now illegal, but a few places are grandfathered in.

          pasturized juice is available here and there, if you mean beyond martinelli's. I would check wild oats, whole foods, gelsons and farmer's markets. But the season was short and is long over...

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          1. re: Diana

            On the east coast (CT) we call hard cider, hard cider, and the other stuff cider. It's totally different from apple juice and availabe pretty much everwhere for a few months each fall.

            It goes bad pretty fast, and the taste keeps changing. It makes no sense to me that this stuff isn't available in L.A. OR Washington stae where most apples are grown.

            1. re: Hershey Bomar

              You can get what you're looking for at RB orchard in Tehachapi (past Mojave) during september/october. Why east coast apple juice goes bad so fast is the fact that more orchards there can legally sell unpasturized juice. In california, only a few, grandfathered in orchards can since the state law was changed to require pasturization (I think after the Odwalla poisoning case a while back).

              RB is one, but they only sell fresh-pressed from local orchards during the harvest season. We had a REALLY SHORT season this year, thanks to El Nino.

              By the way, if you leave unpasturized juice to "go bad" you will often end up with "hard Cider". You can also go to a homebrew/beer making supply store and purchase some yeast, prepare it, toss it in, put it in the appropriate fermenter, and end up with some good stuff. We do it every year.

            2. re: Diana

              The pasteurization has nothing to do with the distinct East Coast flavor. It just goes bad quicker and has less chems in it. Most chain grocery stores, back east, sell cider that has been pasteurized but it sill maintains the complex, woody, musty deliciousness that I've never found in a single cup of cider anywhere in LA or on this Coast.

              1. re: bo_burger

                Much of the difference has to do with the type of apples they use to make the cider. I have had cider on both coasts and like it all because of the freshness, drinking an apple. When I lived in WA, it was very seasonal and I loved that you could buy different flavors/variety of juices. I can find cider, as another poster noted, at Trader Joe's but it's not often. I also prefer the unpastered stuff. Have you headed out to Oak Glenn or in San Diego you can go to a cute little town called Julian?

            3. Johna's Organic Orchard sells a top notch cider at various area farmers market, including the one in Highland Park on Tuesday nights.