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Nov 21, 2006 05:15 PM

Crab off the boats in Half Moon Bay?

Anyone spotted any? Do you think the fisherman will be out there tomorrow (Wed) morning? I want to grab a bunch for Thanksgiving.

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  1. We picked some up off the docks last Friday for $3.50 a pound. I'm sure they're selling this week, but I don't know about Wednesday. You can call the Pillar Point Harbor FishFone: (650)726-8724 -- they record a message every day telling people what's for sale on the boats.

    1. Our mission was a success. We picked up 5 nice big lively crabs from Pillar Point last Wednesday around midday. Looked around just a bit and we all seemed to have a good feeling about the Tigerfish crew so we opted to buy from them. They said they were $4.50/lb for the bigger crabs and $4/lb for the smaller ones. $4.50 seemed higher than I was expecting but the crabs looked real good and the fisherman were nice and I didn't really care to haggle. We went for the bigger ones. Ended up with 5 very nice crabs for $47.

      Maybe if we had gone to one of the other fisherman we would have gotten a cheaper price, but not sure. Might also have been more expensive since it was the day before Thanksgiving. Either way it was awesome being able to buy the crabs fresh off the docks. The fishermen (and woman) seemed to take care in picking out our crabs for us. I made sure to pay close attention to the ones they were picking, and all of them had all of their claws and legs in tact. Plus I noticed no major shell damage. I learned my lesson after last time when a grumpy old fisherman sold me two less than optimal specimen.

      Tossed all 5 crabs in my cooler along with a bag of ice, brought em home, and boiled em up that night. They were great the next day for Thanksgiving.

      1. It's my understanding that packing live crabs with ice will harm or kill the crab. If you're cooking within a matter of a few hours after purchase, there's no need to chill them.