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Nov 21, 2006 05:09 PM

Great sushi + udon, for lunch, on the Westside?

I'm looking for great sushi (i.e., excellent nigiri) at an affordable price (like Kiriko, Sasabune, Hide). However, a member of our lunch group is vegetarian and wants some udon instead. Is there a place on Sawtelle or near Santa Monica/Century City that can meet all our requirements? Thanks!

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  1. Taiko, in Brentwood, would work. For your situation, though, it might be like the tail wagging the dog because the udon is about the best on the westside, while the sushi is good but not at the level of Kiriko and also is kind of expensive.

    Kiriko has at least a few vegetarian items on the menu, maybe you could persuade your companion to try those?

    1. Yabu on Pico (or even better, the one on La Cienega, if you can wander that far east) has good udon, outstanding homemade soba, and very good sushi and sashimi.

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        Yabu is also what came to mind for me. I am more of a fan of their soba, but the udon is also very good. The sushi, the few times I have had it, was also quite good. Not top rank, but really surprisingly good for a place that seems to be known for udon/soba.

      2. The best I could think of is Best Bowl. However, I can't remember if they have nigiri and if they do, it's not going to be on the same par as Kiriko/Hide. What's great about this place is it's pretty inexpensive. They've got huge california rolls and some good udon.

        It's on Sawtelle in the strip center with Hurry Curry.

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          Best Bowl is gone, daddy gone. Now a bleh place called Phoreign... maybe a space cursed with bleh-ness?