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Nov 21, 2006 04:48 PM

Christmas Presents-food related

As I bet a lot of us are, I am still in the unfortunate position of "What do get her???" sister that is. She lives across the country, so I don't know what she has in her kitchen, her decor, etc, so I was thinking of sticking to a consumable food product. I have given her spices and cheese in the past. Do you have any good websites to go to for food related presents. I already checked Zingerman's-she isn't big on really fattening food that like. I guess maybe I am looking for something more savory, or to cook with, rather than a prepared food product. Thanks!

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  1. What about some real hand-harvested wild rice? Fabulous flavor, cooks much faster than "regular" wild rice, wonderful made into a pilaf with shallots, stock, maybe some mushrooms.... I love the rice from the Objiwe reservation....

    1. Infused oils and vinegars? A selection of olives?

      1. What about something exotic and expensive like foie gras (can be shipped directly to her) or something with truffles? If she likes cured meats, there are good suppliers of salame online. Or dried mushrooms? These are all rare treats I would love to receive.

        1. Joe's Stone Crab - in a former life I worked for a guy with a seafood allergy, I reaped the rewards of his misfortune. Every year I looked forward to that package arriving from Florida!

          1. Two books every food enthusiast should have are....

            The Food Lovers Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst. It is a comprehensive dictionary of food terms, very informative, also includes handy appendices with equivalents, conversions, etc.

            Also On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee. I cannot rave enough about this book. In-depth explanation of everything you ever wanted to know about food and how cooking works. Really very readable and a great reference to have on hand.

            Anh hound that doesn't already have these needs to put them on their christmas/channukah/kwanza/pagan solstice festival wish list.