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Nov 21, 2006 04:45 PM

lucali's still doing takeout?

i've read the various posts raving about lucali's, the new pizza joint in carroll gardens, and have been eagerly looking forward to my first visit. since it's apparently going to be reviewed in tomorrow's dining out section of the times, i figured i had better go asap before it becomes even more crowded.

my question: does this place still do take-out orders? a poster on a previous thread ( said that the owner planned on discontinuing take-out due to the high volume of orders, but i wasn't sure if that was applicable immediately, or at some point in the near future. there's a good chance i'm going to stop by later today and will probably be alone; so, i'd rather do take-out if at all possible.

thanks in advance. btw, does anyone know their hours of operation?

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  1. I'm not sure about when they are discontinuing take-out but they're closed on Tuesdays so you won't be able to get a pie today. :( They open at 6pm Wednesday through Monday and close when they run out of dough.

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      hey, thanks for the tip about their hours/days of operation. it's too bad that they're closed today - guess that means i'll have to fight with even-bigger crowds after the ny times article comes out tomorrow.

      i can't say i blame them for discontinuing take-out, but from a selfish point of view i wish they'd do otherwise.

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        We ordered take out on Sunday. I called exactly at 6 and it was busy/answering machine for 15 minutes. When I finally talked to someone there she told me it would take an hour and they would call me when they were putting it in the oven. I called them an hour later and they said 45 minutes more. I walked over there and still had to wait about 10 minutes. They are really nice over there and I love the pizza but I think at this point it's a good thing for them to concentrate on eating-in only.

    2. We had dinner there Friday night and they were definitely still doing take out.

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      1. re: dimples

        thanks - yeah, i actually went on wed night myself and, to my pleasant surprise, found the same thing. they were out of calzones by the time i got there, tho, which was a bummer.

        btw, i didn't see any mention of lucali in the ny times this past wednesday; did i somehow miss it, or is peter meehan (or whoever else is going to review this place) decide to hold off?

      2. i read the review. the jist was "nice joint, not great pizza yet but maybe it will be."

        it will surely be mobbed now, if it wasn't before.

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        1. re: migmigmig

          agreed completely. i thought the pizza was very good - a strong contender for a top 5 pizza in the entire city if they stay consistent and iron out a few relatively minor kinks. fwiw, i waited 20 minutes after arriving on a wednesday around 7pm.

          i expect the waits to go from "still bearable" to "out of control" by this weekend at the latest, if not tonight. once a place serving one of the city's popular cuisines (e.g. pizza) gets written up, you can immediately forget about walking in and getting a table quickly.

        2. I just finished my first try with extra basil and mushrooms. It is a winner. Crust is great. The dusting of Parmesan under the crust is excellent. It has potential to be even better. I will be back. Next time, I will have to eat there, and order the extra basil with roasted garlic. And taste a calzone.

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          1. re: Brigita

            Out of curiosity, how long did you wait? I assume that since it got written up today, and it's relatively warm out, and they were closed yesterday, that it might have been quite a mob scene?

          2. Called at 7pm to order. They said it was an hour. Picked it up around 8. I had to wait a few extra minutes, but it wasn't a big deal. There was a friend of mine waiting for his on the bench outside, and we chatted up another waiting guy and debated pizza in the area. I've lived in Carroll Gardens for seven years, my friend for 15 and the guy we were talking with was a native, so it was interesting to hear all sides of the debate. They also brought the pie out to me, and went back inside to get me my change. It was fun. Native Guy quote - "This is much better than Grimaldi's. Trust me."