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Birthday dinner... Chinois vs. Josie

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Hi all... taking my boyfriend out for his birthday Saturday night. we've narrowed it down to Josie or Chinois. We love Josie but are curious to try Chinois (and yes, we love Mako). Curious what you would choose? thanks!

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  1. Try Chinois. It's good and you'ev never been there.

    1. I haven't been to Josie, but I'd go to Josie. Actually there are many other places I'd try or go to again before I go back to Chinois. The concept of very overpriced, completely westernized Asian food is a little bizarre to me; especially in L.A. where you can easily get the real deal.

      1. The food at Chinois is wonderful but it is much noisier than Josie or Mako and far less comfortable (not designed to encourage lingering).

        1. Josie to wayyyy to cramped for my taste. Chinois is noisy, but the food is teriffic.

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            Get a booth at Josie, if you can for two, nothing cramped about it.

          2. assuming it's just the two of you going to dinner, i'd probably pick josie. i love both places, but the food at chinois is for the most part large portions that are meant to be shared - like when i've been with 4 people we'd typically order only 2 appetizers, 3 mains and maybe a vegetable. so with two people, you don't get to sample that many items unless you seriously over-order.

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              I agree with the Cookie Monster. Chinois, while it is great, is better for larger groups. Josie, while cramped, would be a better choice for just a couple. Have you thought about Joe's in Venice?

            2. I have never found Josie's to be uncomfortably cramped (certainly less so than Chinois and no more than Joe's) and have taken several dates there.

              1. My $.02: the last time I ate at Chinois the food was so good I wanted to go in the kitchen and enslave myself the exec chef if he would promise to feed me for life....

                Happy B-day to your boyfriend!

                1. I have been consistently disappointed at Chinois. Forget about a quiet conversation at this cramped hideously 80's appointed place. The food is great, but it is better suited for a party than a romantic dinner. Joise's has a more classic feel with some inventive dishes, solid wine list, and professional staff.

                  Consider Giorgio Baldi, Spago, Sam's or Lucques