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Nov 21, 2006 03:55 PM

Not doing turkey or ham for Thanksgiving?

Then what are you doing?

I'm doing a cassoulet with duck confit and pork sausage. My first attempt at duck confit and cassoulet.

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  1. Enjoy! I may or may not have a turkey (it's a long story), and my plan B is rabbit.

    1. Ribs, brisket and bbq ham.

      Mr. B's dad is taking care of dinner.

      I'm spoiled and like my turkey, so I made Mr. B and I the whole thanksgiving turkey meal on Sunday. I don't know why I don't do it more often throughout the year, considering I like it so much.

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        At our house, a whole turkey dinner is done in April too--but with lemon meringue pie instead of punpkin as a concession to Spring.

      2. My SO (and me too, I guess) will always want traditional foods on Thanksgiving, but if you insist, my second choice would be a big platter of shrimp & scallops, & a fine big pot of Manhattan clam chowder. No football.

        1. Our family almost always has a turkey, but some other things we've done are slamon, leg of lamb and cornish hens. We actually almost always do leg of lamb along with the turkey, though.