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Nov 21, 2006 03:52 PM

Lunch Around Newbury Street

I'm at a loss for where to take my brother and his wife (both in their late 20's) for lunch tomorrow. They're staying that the Hotel Commonwealth and want to eat along Newbury so they can combine their one free afternoon in Boston with some shopping. Normally, I'd suggest Petit Robert, Eastern Standard...or even a jaunt over to the South End but they have their heart set on that neighborhood.

I should also admit that the idea of going to Stephanie's, Sonsie or Vox gives me the willies.

Any ideas that include good location, reasonably priced and not a cookie cutter restaurant that will be mobbed by tourists? I'm drawing a blank here, folks.

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  1. Walk one block over to Boylston and go to Chilli Duck for thai.

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      Exactly what I was thinking! The crazy rolls and mago fried rice are very good.

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        I like Tapeo, but it's only open for lunch on weekends.

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        1. It sounds like Boylston as well as Newbury St is acceptable. A few thoughts:

          Parish Cafe -- casual, with good, unusual sandwiches.

          Restaurant L -- creative, very expensive, but a better deal at lunch.

          Kaya -- respectable Korean, plus some sushi and other Japanese dishes.

          Bouchee -- surprisingly not-terrible (I guess Tim Partridge-good trumps Back Bay Restaurant Group-bad) French-for-beginners. The $17 sirloin steak frites is a good lunch deal.

          Jae's -- slightly pricey pan-Asian, pretty good, Korean dishes probably the best of the bunch.

          Armani Cafe -- slightly overpriced but decent creative Italian, definitely captures the Newbury St scene at its most comically self-impressed.

          Scoozi -- surprisingly good thin-crust pizza, especially considering it's owned by a hairdresser.

          Chilli Duck -- very good Thai, especially the "specialties" (authentic) menu

          Kashmir -- pricey, slightly Westernized, decent Indian.

          Wisteria House -- pricey, fancy Taiwanese, pretty good.

          Bhindi Bazaar -- good, geographically broad Indian.

          Other Side -- modest "healthy" American menu, much of it prepared off-premises, good coffees and smoothies, funky and cool space.

          1. Abe & Louies is great for lunch and reasonable if you stick to sandwiches and salads.

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