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Nov 21, 2006 03:07 PM

If money were no object..

If your company was dumb enough to offer to pay for you and your partner to have dinner anywhere you chose, as a 'special' xmas bonus but forgot to state a price limit, where would you go? We've never really had the money to go a really fabulous restaurant so we're looking to experience the full works. Suggestions please!

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  1. That's easy (for me) and is a common question on Chowhound (do a search) with a variety of answers - though there are roughly 8 or 10 that usually get included.

    My answer: Masa

      1. If it's truly no-limit then go for the two most expensive places in NYC - the aforementioned Masa and Per Se.

        Now, being able to afford it is one thing, being able to get a reservation is another :-)

        1. Per Se - and definitely do the foie gras supplement and the wine pairing. Most expensive (and worth it) meal I've ever experienced. Only disappointing feature -- it is located in a mall. But once you're inside, it's pretty easy to forget.

          1. Per Se -- definitely do the foie gras and kobe beef supplements.