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If money were no object..

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If your company was dumb enough to offer to pay for you and your partner to have dinner anywhere you chose, as a 'special' xmas bonus but forgot to state a price limit, where would you go? We've never really had the money to go a really fabulous restaurant so we're looking to experience the full works. Suggestions please!

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  1. That's easy (for me) and is a common question on Chowhound (do a search) with a variety of answers - though there are roughly 8 or 10 that usually get included.

    My answer: Masa

      1. If it's truly no-limit then go for the two most expensive places in NYC - the aforementioned Masa and Per Se.

        Now, being able to afford it is one thing, being able to get a reservation is another :-)

        1. Per Se - and definitely do the foie gras supplement and the wine pairing. Most expensive (and worth it) meal I've ever experienced. Only disappointing feature -- it is located in a mall. But once you're inside, it's pretty easy to forget.

          1. Per Se -- definitely do the foie gras and kobe beef supplements.

            1. The only drawback with Per Se is that they take reservations two months in advance, and it would be a miracle, therefore, to get in any time before late January.

              1. You can get in if you get a reservation for lunch time. Personally, I don't mind going for lunch, you get the same food and it's not going to be 2am when you're finally done with dinner.

                1. Per Se is not the most expensive. And also not the best. If you want a very upscale French meal, I'd go to ADNY (Alain Ducasee) before it's closed in its current location. Or Masa, or Kurumazushi (just about as expensive), but only if you really appreciate high end sushi. Another good option is Jean-Georges.