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Nov 21, 2006 02:36 PM

Anyone try Martine's chocolates?

On East 82nd Street....

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  1. Yes!! They are absoultely amazing. I went on a chocolate tour with The Institute of Culinary Education and she was one of the stops on the tour. She is the quintessential French woman. She regularly changes her molds, she utilizes Callebaut and her chocolates are meant to eat immediately or next day, she advises not to wait any longer than that. My favorite and the tours favorite was the cherry cordial with brandy. Her chocolate averages $2 per piece and its worth it.

    1. Fortunately, I live near the shop. Chocolates are delicious and always a big hit as gifts!

      1. they have an outlet in Bloomingdale's as well. The chocolate is of a high quality, it makes for great gifts. When purchasing for myself, without the need for the pretty pink packaging, I prefer Michael Cluizel (in ABC Home).