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This is weird but....Mock Apple Pie

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Does anyone have a good recipe for mock apple pie? My aunt used to make a mock apple pie with Ritz crackers as a primary ingredient during my youth. She'd bring it to church suppers and it was always a hit. I know this sounds weird but I remember it was being quite tasty to my six-year-old palate. Ideas?

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  1. I think it is on the Ritz box.

    1. There is one in both of Ken Haefrich's Pie books. PIE and APPLE PIE PERFECT.

      1. It is an old WW II and Depression era recipe

        1. I remember seeing it all my life on the back of the Ritz box and wondering how terrible it must be. What did it taste like?

          1. I'm fascinated by this. Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about making one in an essay dedicated to recipes on the back of boxes. Apparently it was pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing. You can find the rather fascinating commentary (if not the recipe) in the book "The Man Who Ate Everything".

            1. If my taste bud-memory is correct, JUST like a very dense, moist apple pie, made with finely chopped apples (rather than the luscious liquid slices of real apple pie). Now granted, as a six year old, I would devour any sweet "fruit" pie, but I do remember it being very good. I was served slices of it with very weak "tea" actually a mug of hot water with a tea bag dunked twice, liberal milk and sugar. Sigh.

              Do you think it's still on the backs of current Ritz boxes? I can always buy a box on my way home.

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                The power of google...

                Let us know how it goes!

                Through googling for the recipe, also discovered this site that may be of interest to hounds:

              2. OH HOORAY--I think that's it! Thank you! I will report post-weekend.