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Nov 21, 2006 02:09 PM

Need Lunch Suggestions Near Museum of Natural History

We will be in the area with two reasonably adventurous 6 year olds on Friday, looking for something interesting for lunch.

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  1. Is Cafe Frida open for lunch? Good Mexican. And right next door is Jacques-Imo's. 6 year olds would like the New Orleans decor. Food is good too.

    1. There's always kid friendly EJ's on Amsterdam/82nd

      Patsy's Pizza on 74th betw Columbus/CPW

      The food at both Jacques-Imo and Cafe Frida is mediocre and overpriced imho - especially for 6 year olds!

      1. I agree on Cafe Frida - I have had two straight bad experiences at Cafe Frida (mediocre service, subpar food), and it is overpriced even if you don't have problems.

        There is a good little French bistro at about 83rd and Columbus on the east side - I have eaten there once and it was good, and always see kids there. Isabella's is also good and very convenient, though a bit overpriced also.

        1. Isabella's is the most convenient.