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Nov 21, 2006 01:56 PM

Dim Sum for dinner in downtown Toronto or Chinatown East

I've gone through all the recent threads on dim sum, but want you to weigh in on the best place for dim sum in the evening (around 5:30 pm) for a family dinner this Friday. Yes, we look for authentic Chinese and are happy to eat "wierd" stuff. I was considering either Forestview or Bright Pearl (my great-aunt's favourite), but was wondering if any other place in Chinatown should be considered. We are also open to going to Gerrard Street (Chinatown East) if something there is better, e.g. Soon Foon Tai or Super Grand?

Please include details of dishes you have tried and WHY the restaurant is the best. (My great-aunt asked for dim sum because she is visiting from Pennsylvania and looks forward to eating Chinese in Toronto since she's Chinese-American and can't get anything good where she lives!) Remember, they have to serve dim sum at dinner even if it is just from a menu.

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  1. You might want to phone both those places to see if they will do dim sum at the time you need.

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      I had already phoned Bright Pearl to check since they serve "all day" dim sum -- it means no carts after 3:30 but can order from the dim sum menu all night.

    2. Q Dim Sum Palace on King and Peter serves it all day too (that's all they serve), a good selection. I don't think Gerrard St. offers better dim sum than Spadina, only cheaper.

      If you want more upscale you can check with Dynasty at Bloor and University.

      1. I was really disappointed with the siu mai & har gow that I ordered at dinner time at Bright Pearl. The siu mai were tough and greasy.

        Haven't tried Forestview yet, but am hoping to try it out sometime soon.

        1. I'm not a fan of Bright Pearl. I find them too oily for my liking.

          If I must have dim sum in Chinatown (Spadina & Dundas), I'll go to Rol San. The quality is decent but the service can be surly and rude depending on how busy and stressed they are. Usually I ignore them but there are some times I just yell back. Being asian allows me to get away with this ;-)

          I prefer King's Garden for dim sum in the evening. The quality is good and the service charming. They're located on King across the street from Roy Thomson Hall. Here's a link to their website:

          1. Actually I agree with the Dynasty suggestion, as it is nicely upscale and almost always very good quality. Of course you pay for it, but if your aunt only visits occasionally I would say its worth it.

            One note of caution, no matter where you choose I would avoid anywhere with cart service for dinner, simply because my experiences with off-peak cart service dim sum has been less than positive: you never how many times the cart has gone around...