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Nov 21, 2006 01:46 PM

Pizza Slices

Hi, I'm looking for the best slices in Manhattan. I've read all about the great coal oven places in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but most seem to be whole pie sit-down restaurants.

Where are your favorite places to walk in and get a classic NYC slice -- thin, and dripping with cheese, so you gotta fold it?

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  1. Joe's on Bleecker is one of my favorites...

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    1. re: Yaxpac

      The slices at Joe's seem to have changed since they moved to the middle of the block. This used to be a destination spot for me, but no more.

    2. You can get a coal over slice at Patsy's in Easy Harlem. Pizza documentaries claim that they in fact invented the slice (in a era when the first few NY pizzerias refused to cut up their creations).

      I have three contraversial recs for you:

      1. Rays on Columbus and 83rd: typical NY slice
      2. DeMarco's: very interesting and unique slice
      3. Rivoli II on Husdon and Christopher is great too

      And one contraversial statement:

      Aside from a few standout slices, they're mostly all the same.

      And finally: search this site a bit more. This subject comes up about every week. (And DON'T ask for the best cheeseburger in NYC. That comes up enough already.)

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      1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

        no rays !!!! Rays assures you a nasty slice.

        1. re: randumbposter

          Don't forget though, that the Ray's are not connected. They are all trading on the raging success of Ray's famous on 11th street, back in the 70s. Oops, my age is showing.

          1. re: prunefeet

            Is that the Ray's Famous on 11th and 6th?

            1. re: jakew8

              No. It's some random Ray's (the name is not trademarked) that has a terrific plain slice, in my opinion. I found it better than any other UWS slice (Sal & C., Francesca's, Rigoletto, Traviata, etc.) Reminded me of old NYC slices, the crust especially.

              We all have different tastes I guess. (My pizza slice tasting was side by side with Sal & C. Drove around and collected various slices on the UWS. Then tried them side by side in the car. Sal & C. was not that good too me. V&T did well.)

      2. There are several Bravo! pizza places around. They're pretty good for standard slices. My only complaint is that sometimes the bottom crust gets too cooked (read: burned) when they re-heat the slices in the oven. If you can, get a slice off a pie right out of the oven so that it won't need to be put back in.

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        1. re: jakew8

          I haven't been there in a while, but the Bravo's on Park (20th/21st) used to have a fresh mozarella slice that's twice the price of the regular slice, but really excellent.

          1. re: jakew8

            Bravo on Park isn't bad, but not really New York style (thick crust), and not a slice to go out of your way for.

            The Bravo on 5th is terrible. Hard to believe they are related.

          2. I like the plain slices at Bella Napoli, on Madison and 31st.

            1. I love Pizza 33 at 33rd and 3rd Avenue. Great slices with a crispy crust, soft cheese, a little oily (cheese has oils, after all) and cracker-crisp crust. Mmmm - now I want one.