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Nov 21, 2006 01:33 PM

So many great restos... suggestions please!

Wife and I are headed to Montreal for 3 nites... have a bunch of ideas for meals, but nothing firm yet... perhaps not too extravegant (ie no 7 course dinners), would rather linger over simple, great food.. of course we love all things french and quebec... so...

Crepes: where can we get them? traditional with cider?

bistro: l'express? boris bistro? au petit extra?

fav Greek/MiddleEastern/Lebanese resto(I know, all over the map)? Is the ethinc food of these regions generally good in Montreal?

Birthday dinner: Brunoise? AIX (we are staying at the hotel)? APDC?

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  1. Steer clear of Boris Bistro, especially in the winter - the food is really ordinary - its only saving grace is the incredible outdoor courtyard, which you wouldn't be sitting on in this weather anyways. Petit Extra and l'Express are always safe bets.

    The best lebanese is Daou, which is a little farther afield (two locations, both of which require a car to get to easily), but it's really worth a trip.

    Birthday dinner - Brunoise is lovely, atmosphere is more romantic than APDC. But they are two completely different restaurants, both equally good imho.

    For three nights, why don't you try APDC and Brunoise, as well as one of the bistros? Just check to make sure they'll be open depending on which nights you'll be here.

    1. for bistro food, I like the Continental on St-Denis. The bavette de boeuf is one of the best I have ever eaten and the wine list is varied and you can find wines under 35$. The service is not the best, but the food makes up for it.