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Boxed Wine?

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I recently read an article on Gourmet magazine that says that boxed wines have come a long way. I like the idea that you can open a box and actually have it last a couple of weeks instead of a couple of days.

Do you guys have any boxed wines that you recommend for everyday drinking wine? Or better?

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  1. We've had the Black Box Chardonnay, and it's not bad. We bought it for an outdoor pool party so we could have it close to the pool without fear of glas breaking from regular bottles. I probably wouldn't buy it for everyday drinking when there are much better wines out there, but it was really good when we made into a white sangria.

    We've had Franzia, which isn't even decent enough to cook with. Sheila's Shiraz was equally undrinkable.

    I live in PA and with our state-controlled liquor stores, the Black Box is definitely the best of what's offered here.

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    1. There are several "premium" (if that isn't oxymoronic) boxes out there. Black Box is one. There are also some French wines (e.g.: Macon) available.

      There is no reason -- other than aesthetics -- that boxes can't work. But, to paraphrase the old commercials for Lucky Strike, "it's what's inside that counts."

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        Where can I buy Black Box Wine? I live in houston, tx.

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          Here's a quick way to find out where you can find individual wines in your area. Google the name, which leads you to the website. On the website, there will something like "where to find our wines" or, in this case, distributors. Click on that -- in this case the distributor in Houston is Republic National at 832-782-1732. Call them, tell them you're looking for this wine, tell them where you live or work in Houston, and they will tell you the stores in your area that carry it. You can do this for any wine.

          The easier way is to simply call the winery. A simple Google search will give you the number. Easy.

      2. Delicato Shiraz, pretty consistent year to year, 3.0L $15

        1. All of the Banrock Station wines in Tetra Pak from Australia are quite agreeable.

          1. I've tried a bunch, as I often like to drink a single glass of wine with dinner, and find a whole bottle to be impractical. I would rank the 3 liter boxes as following:

            Killer Juice is the best (about $22), with great cabernet sauvignon, and decent chardonnay
            Banrock Station (as mentioned above) ($19) has good Shiraz and I like their Merlot as well
            Trove is just below Banrock Station

            I've only had Black Box's chardonnay, and I don't really like whites as much, so I'm going to hold off rating it.

            Finally, there is a brand that ships in square, 1.5 litre boxes. I forget the name, but definitely pass on it. Sour, chemical taste.


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              I have enjoyed the Killer Juice 2005 chardonnay 750 ml bottle version. Is anyone aware of where I can purchase the box version in the San Jose, CA area?

            2. I've had Black Box Cab and it was pretty good. I agree with Bacchus.. Franzia is awful!

              1. I quite like the BlackBox Cab Sauv. It's an everday casual red for me, Also have tried the Hardy's Shiraz which was also quite good, but i';ve been burnt out on shiraz over the past couple of months. When the burnout is over I'll be checking out the Delicato Shiraz as I've read many favorable comments about it,

                It's funny to see people's reaction to the wine box. We keep it on our kitchen counter and people makes the oddest faces. But even over the past couple of months, education about box wine has been spreading and more people are becoming familiar with it.

                I think box wines, err cask wines, are a great "party wine." Serve nice bottles early on at the party. As the night goes on and the glasses are being re-filled and the tastebuds start to dull, it's time to turn the spigot.

                1. I recently tried some of the wine cubes from Target (I know!) and I found the pinot grigio to be merely OK, but I like the chardonnay rather well. The cabernet/shiraz is good too. at $9.99/1.5 litre, not a bad buy. I agree with above poster that these are good party wines.

                  1. Black Box Merlot has got to be one of the better boxed Merlots out there $$ for $$. If you can find Tavernello Sangiovese from Italy or their Pinot Blanc those are other sure bets...Again good buy...not mind blowing but good...Everyday glass with dinner types